10 Amazing Birthday Cake Alternatives

Trade your birthday cake for these creative and trendy alternatives - all every bit as celebratory as birthday cake, without the cake. Sometimes circumstances dictate something a little different!

Baked Birthday Cake Doughnuts
These Baked Birthday Cake Doughnuts are a sweet and delicious way to kick off any celebration! Get recipe from Recipe Girl.

Fresh Watermelon Layer Cake
This simple dessert idea is easy to make and only contains fresh fruit. It's perfect for summer birthday. Get recipe from Wife Mama Foodie.

Banana Split Mini Bites
This classic ice cream dessert gets mini for some bite size fun. And yes, there is actually a tiny scoop of ice cream tucked inside and underneath the whip cream of  those little darlings. Makes a fun birthday cake, and classic ice cream sundae, alternative. Get recipe from Bakers Royale.

Birthday Cake Brownie Pops
Birthday Cake Brownie Pops on a stick ... a new twist on the birthday cake! Get recipe from Munchkin Munchies.

Six Foot Sundae
Perfect for a kid's birthday party, this six foot-long sundae combines dark chocolate brownie bites, ice cream sprinkles, hot fudge and strawberry sauce. Get recipe from Pioneer Woman.

Birthday Cupcakes
A personal version of a layered birthday cake, these cupcakes are colourful and delicious! Get recipe from Betty Crocker.

Surprise Cupcake Cones
Candy treasures are hidden and bound to be found in ice cream cone look-alikes. Get recipe from Betty Crocker.

Big Birthday Cookie
Make this big cookie with the birthday persons favorite colors and decor. So easy, but so fun and festive! Get recipe from Betty Crocker.

Rice Krispie Birthday Cupcakes
Forget cake! This is what I want for my birthday! Get recipe from Rice Krispies.

Rice Krispie Cupcake Pops
These are perfect for a birthday.  And who doesn't like Rice Krispie treats. Get recipe from The Sweet Chick.

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