10 Cute DIY Easter Baskets

This year, make your Easter Basket! This fun craft activity for kids is the perfect way to welcome Easter and Spring. Here are 10 adorable Easter baskets you can make with your kids, many of which use recycled materials.

Easter Buckets
A simple way to make a custom Easter basket for your little one. Get instructions from The Pinning Mama.

Homemade Easter Basket
Turn egg cartons into Easter baskets for your little egg hunt. Get instructions from Fun A Day.

Fry Box Bunny – Easter Treat Containers
These cute little Bunny Fry Boxes can be filled with any kind of treat or surprise you’d like. Get instructions from Eighteen 25.

Mini Fringe Easter Basket
Turn plastic cups and fringe garland into mini Easter baskets! Super simple and SO cute for the little ones on their mini egg hunts. Get instructions from Studio DIY.


Easter Bunny Basket
Make this cute Bunny Easter Basket from a plain apple basket using paint, Expressions vinyl, pipe cleaners and yarn. Get instructions from My Sister's Suitcase.

Printable Easter Bunny Baskets
These little bunnies make sweet gift baskets and another good thing about them is that they only hold mini eggs – that way parents can be happy too! Get instructions from The Craft Train.

Picket Fence Easter Basket
This adorable Picket Fence Easter Basket is easy to make with this step-by-step tutorial using tongue depressors or popsicle sticks. Load it full of your favourite Easter candy and you know everyone will love it. Get instructions from Kleinworth & Co.

Egg Carton Easter Basket
Make an egg carton Easter basket with your kids today! It’s simple to make and they turn out really cute. Get instructions from Crafty Morning.

Delicious Cereal Easter Basket
Yes, the entire thing is edible. And not that hard to re-create! Get instructions from Good Housekeeping.

DIY Easter Baskets
All you need are some colourful buckets, Easter stickers, and washi tape. No cutting or gluing required. This would be the perfect kids craft idea for an Easter party or egg hunt! Get instructions from Design Improvised.

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