10 Fun Shaped Pancakes for Kids

Have fun in the kitchen with your child! Serve these wonderfully fun shaped pancakes and make the morning extra-special for your kids. Here are 10 cute recipes.

Piggy Pancakes
What a fun way to gather the family! Make piggy pancakes your new tasty tradition. Get the recipe from Betty Crocker.

Cookie Cutter Pancakes
These Christmas shapes look so delicious. Any cookie cutter will do! Get the recipe from Alice and the Mock Turtle.

Caterpillar Pancakes
What kind of caterpillar becomes a butterfly of flavor in your mouth?  A pancake caterpillar, of course. Get the recipe from Mr Breakfast.

Snowman Pancake
Want to build a snowman? Of course you do! Especially when it's a delicious snowman pancake! Get the recipe from Food Network.

Alphabet Pancakes
Yummy pancakes satisfy kids cravings for fun food and learning the alphabet. Get the recipe from Betty Crocker.

Bunny Pancakes
Pancakes made into adorable bunnies are perfect for Spring! Get the recipe from Be Brave Keep Going.

Heart Shaped Pancakes
These perfectly heart-shaped pancakes are easy to make with the help of a cookie cutter. Get the recipe from Tiffany's Style Blog.

Bear Butt Pancake
Oh this is fun – cute and adorable bear “butt” pancakes! Get the recipe from Expert Entertaining.

Turtle Pancakes
Turtles for breakfast? Only if it's this giant, friendly pancake turtle! Get the recipe from Chef Mommy.

Animal Pancakes
Invite some happy bears, bunnies and more furry (er, fruity?) friends to the table in the morning. 7 fun animals. Get the recipes from Food Network.

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