Birthday Rice Krispie Treats

The gooey snack time favourite gets a serious upgrade in these delectable recipes - just for birthdays. Chewy, gooey Rice Krispies treats filled with coloured sprinkles, decorated with vanilla frosting, and topped with even more sprinkles, and many other festive treats that are perfect for your next celebration!

Rice Krispies Treats Dipping Pops!
This treat is a childhood favourite: rice krispies treats ‐ with an upgrade!  Think “dipping,” from chocolate sprinkles, to crushed Oreos, to mini (multicolored) chocolate chips. Get recipe from Celebrations at Home.

Birthday Rice Krispies Treats
These ultimate Birthday Rice Krispies Treats are huge, gooey, and the perfect no-bake treat for birthdays! Get recipe from Food Folks and Fun.

Rice Krispie Treat Mini Cupcakes
For your next party, turn these classic family-favourite cereal snacks into festive mini cupcakes! Get recipe from The Decorated Cookie.

Birthday M&Ms Krispies Pops
These oversized Birthday Rice Krispies Treats Pops are a kids' dream! Get recipe from Loralee Lewis.

Birthday Cake Krispie Treats
If you’re obsessed with the taste combo of vanilla cake, buttercream frosting, and sugary sprinkles, then get ready for this rice cereal treat remix. Get recipe from Brit + Co.

Red Velvet Krispie Treats
What would a Birthday Party be without a red velvet version? Get recipe from Pass the Sushi.

Nutella Rice Krispie Balls
Kids love rice krispie treats and kids love Nutella. Pair them up in this delicious treat. Get recipe from Erica's Sweet Tooth.

Krispie Treat Bark
This recipe for Rice Krispie Bark is a fast, easy, and inexpensive treat for a birthday! Get recipe from Cookies and Cups.

Rice Krispie Treat Paint Brushes
Easy to make Rice Krispies Treats paint brushes in a rainbow of colours. Perfect for an art party. Get recipe from Sweetology.

Ombre Rice Krispie Treats
We especially love these Ombre Rice Krisipe Treats. So colourful and pretty. Get recipe from Two Sisters Crafting.

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