Cooking Around the Campfire

If you are heading out to do some camping before the Summer ends, check out this list of delicious and hearty campfire dishes. Just about anything can be made in your wild outdoor kitchen!

Breakfast Potatoes
Onions, bell peppers, and potatoes are cooked together over the campfire for a hearty and healthy start to the morning! Get recipe from Dirty Gourmet.

Campfire Cones
You didn't think we'd leave out a twist on s'mores did you? Get recipe from BLDG25.

Handheld Pies
White bread with a sweet pie filling makes this a campfire classic! Get recipe from Andreas Recipes.

Campfire Cake
Hollowed out oranges are filled with brownie batter, wrapped in foil, and cooked in a campfire for a tasty camping treat. Get recipe from Tablespoon.

Campfire Pizza Nachos
These Campfire Pizza Nachos make an amazing campfire recipe! All you need is a cast iron skillet and all the nacho fixings. Perfect for sharing with the entire family. Get recipe from Cooking with Janica.

Bacon S'mores
Add a strip of bacon to your s’more to kick it up a notch and make your fellow campers jealous. Other variations include using dark chocolate instead of milk, sprinkling toasted coconut, sea salt … the possibilities are endless for these campfire treats. Get recipe from Chowhound.

Flatbread Pizza
The most work involved in this dish is thinking about what combination of ingredients you want to put on your flatbread pizza and prepping them. The rest is just assembly and having the patience to wait for it to be ready! Get recipe from Dirty Gourmet.

Buttermilk Biscuit Donut Holes
These mouth-watering donuts are made by cooking refrigerated biscuit dough over a campfire. Get recipe from Fat Mans Landing.

Campfire Donuts
These donuts are SO easy to make and they are really fun to make too! You can get the kids involved in making them and they will soon be asking for them on every camping trip. Get recipe from Must Have Mom.

Egg Bake Breakfast Foil Packet
If you love Breakfast Casseroles, you can make them over the campfire or on the grill! Get recipe from Julie's Eats and Treats.

Chili Dogs
Chili dogs are way better than your typical camping hot dogs! Get recipe from Dirty Gourmet.

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