Favourite Carnival and Fair Foods

Carnivals and fairs give us a reason to eat fried, grilled, and buttered foods. From corn dogs to fried Oreos, funnel cakes, and the infamous donut burger, here are great ways to get those carnival tastes in your own kitchen!

Easy Homemade Mini Corn Dogs
Calling all fair food enthusiasts! A carnival classic is getting a DIY makeover with this recipe for Easy Homemade Mini Corn Dogs. Get recipe from Just a Taste.

Deep Fried Candy Bars
Why wait in line for delicious crispy, gooey, warm deep fried candy bars when you can satisfy your curious taste buds in your very own home? Get recipe from All Recipes.

Rainbow Grilled Cheese
You too can make your food dreams come true. Get recipe from Pop Sugar.

Bloomin’ Onion
A great crowd-pleasing recipe that's fun to share! Get recipe from A Beautiful Mess.

Mini Midway Donuts
To this day people associate mini donuts with Summer midways, but they’re surprisingly simple to make at home with yeast dough, canola oil, and a shot glass. Get recipe from Disney Family.

Donut Burger
Unapologetically bad for you... but oh so good! Get recipe from The Burger Guide.

Candy Apples
A layer of crunchy hard candy coats a crisp, tart apple in this old-fashioned favourite. Get recipe from Bakepedia.

Deep Fried Oreos
Deep fried oreos just like you get at the fair - hot, gooey, chocolatey goodness in one bite. Get recipe from Restless Chipotle.

Chocolate Covered Bacon
Sweet meets salty in this recipe for chocolate covered bacon. If you've never tried bacon and chocolate together, you might be surprised at how well rich, semi-sweet chocolate complements the smoky flavour of crispy bacon. Get recipe from The Ultimate Chocolate Blog.

Funnel Cakes
Homemade funnel cake topped with icing sugar. So much better than the ones at the fair. Get recipe from Food Network.

Grilled Corn on the Cob
There is something really fun about eating grilled corn on the cob at a fair or carnival. Here are easy directions for grilling corn on the cob at home! Get recipe from Kraft.

Almost-Famous Fried Pickles
It's not the fair without deep fried pickles. Try Food Network Kitchen's Almost-Famous Fried Pickles, spiced with cayenne sauce. Food Network.

Pizza on a Stick
Because everything is truly better on a stick... Get recipe from Food Network.

Fried Mac N Cheese Bites
Mac and Cheese Balls are CRISPY on the outside, CHEESY and CREAMY on the inside which makes them the ULTIMATE comfort food! Get recipe from Take Two Tapas.

Cotton Candy
Fresh cotton candy is a fun treat usually only found at fairs and carnivals. If you are craving the light and fluffy sweetness of cotton candy, you can make some for yourself right at home — no fancy machine required! Get recipe from Alison's Wonderland Recipes.

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