Hot Dog!

July is National Hot Dog Month which celebrates one of Summer's favourite sandwiches. It is only fitting that this dog gets its day. Here are fun ways to serve up hot dogs for kids!

Hot Dog Puppy
This adorable puppy is actually a tasty hot dog. The tutorial includes detailed, step-by-step instructions. Get recipe from Bento Monsters.

Sea Dogs
One wiener dog = 2 crabs + 2 octopi. It only take a few extra minutes to transform a wiener dog into these cute little bite size treats! Get recipe from Cute Foods for Kids.

Caterpillar Hot Dog
Arrange the wiener bits into a curvy line, add eyes and legs with your kids' favourite sauces like ketchup or mustard, and ta-da, you’ve got a caterpillar hot dog! Get recipe from Cute Foods for Kids.

Hot 'Dogs'
Almost too cute to eat! Use dog-shaped buns to make those boring old hot dogs a bit more interesting. Get recipe from A Taste of Japan.

Groundhog Hot Dogs
No need to wait until Ground Hog Day to make these adorable hot dogs. These funny hot dog groundhogs can be placed inside cornbread muffins, a snowy mound of mashed potatoes, or baked biscuits. Get recipe from She Knows.

Hot Dog Speed Racer
These hot dogs zoom off the plate when turned into mini racecars. Let kids customize them with a few simple tricks. Get recipe from A Taste of Home.

Dog in a Dog
Let the kids help with this fun recipe. It would make a perfect after school snack. Get recipe from Rhodes.

Mummy Hog Dogs
Wrap up a hot dog in true mummy fashion in this fun take on classic Crescent Dogs from Pillsbury. Get recipe from Pillsbury.

Grilled Dogs on a Raft
Looking for a tasty snack? Then check out these grilled hot dogs made using Pillsbury Breadsticks. Get recipe from Pillsbury.

Spotted Crescent Dogs
Your kiddos will devour these adorable spotted dogs using Pillsbury Crescents. Get recipe from Pillsbury.

Hermit Crab Hot Dog
This is a spin on “pigs in a blanket”! But, this time the crescent roll is used as a shell! Get recipe from Kid Friendly Things to Do.

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