Roundup: 10 Edible Bugs

Kids love creepy crawlies! If your children do, then try some of these food and snack ideas. If you want helping hands in the kitchen, kids will squeal with delight when they make these cute bugs. It's the perfect way to welcome Spring!

Veggie Bug Snacks
These super FUN Veggie Bug Snacks are perfect for a children’s party or craft day! Get recipe from Clean Food Crush.

Spring Garden Bugs
Bzzz and Brrr... Freeze fruit, yogurt, and a little bit of chocolate for these so-simple Spring treats. Get recipe from Kiddie Foodies.

Bug Cupcake Cones
These bug cupcake cones are a perfect little treat to celebrate Spring! Get recipe from Simple Easy Creative.

Squishy Bug Sandwich
Kids turning their noses up at boring sandwiches? They're sure to find their lunch far more appealing if you make them 'bug' sandwiches with this fun, easy recipe. Get recipe from HuffPost.

Snack Cake Stingers
Super cute, super creative and just about the most perfect shape for a bee you could ever hope for to make this amazing Twinkie bumble bee. Get recipe from Hungry Happenings.

Butterfly Fruit Pizza
A great way to add a bit of healthy fruit to a dessert and still keep it super fun is to make a butterfly fruit pizza. Get recipe from Hungry Happenings.

Bug Cupcakes
Bugged with plain old cupcakes? Add some fun decorations, and create a kid-friendly Spring picnic. Get recipe from Betty Crocker.

Snake Sandwiches
These mini sandwiches in a snazzy snake shape are a doddle to whip up for an afternoon treat.  Get recipe from Good to Know.

Buggy Cracker Snacks
These adorable buggy snacks use lots fruits and veggies. Get recipe from 12 Months of Fun.

Corn Dog Centipedes
These Corn Dog Centipedes are perfect for feeding a crowd or for a bug-themed party! Get recipe from Hungry Happenings.

Decorate Cute Bug Cookies
Sweeten spring with these cute-as-a-bug cookies. Kids will love dipping, sprinkling, and devouring these tasty critters. Get instructions from All Recipes.

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