Sizzling Summer Sweets

Summer is here and we have some fun recipes for your kids to enjoy. Check out Starfish S’mores, Banana Split Bites, Banana Dogs, Cheesecake “Ice Cream” Cones, and more.

Frozen Cheesecake Sandwiches
These drip free “ice cream” sandwiches taste like cheesecake, but they are much lower in calories. Kids love them and they are drip/mess free, making them a prefect cool treat for kids. Get recipe from Yellow Bliss Road.

Snow Cone Cake Pops
These snow cone cake pops are a cute summer treat that’s so easy to make! Keep cool in the kitchen while making these no-bake desserts. Perfect for a summer theme, county fair or beach party too! Get recipe from Party Pinching.

Starfish S’mores
An easy recipe for the cutest starfish s'mores with a homemade marshmallow center. Get recipe from Hungry Happenings.

Frozen Yogurt Banana Bites
Yogurt-dipped banana bites make the perfect afternoon snack. Get recipe from Weekly Bite.

Snow Cone Cupcakes
These snow cones won’t melt. Nope. They’re not icy... but they are frosted. They’re snow cone cupcakes and a lot of fun to make! Get recipe from Bakerella.

Banana Dogs
This kid-friendly sandwich serves up a classic PB&J on a fun BBQ-approved hot dog bun. Get recipe from The Village Cook.

Cheesecake Cones
These cheesecake cones are so very easy to make.  If you are short on time and need something cold, creamy, and delicious for a Summer party - this just might be the ticket! Get recipe from Sprinkle Bakes.

Bikini Beach Bears
Aren’t these little bears just too cute? And they’re pretty tasty, too. Get recipe from Bakerella.

Easy Flip Flops Rice Krispies Treats 
Welcome Summer with these fun Flip Flops Rice Krispies Treats. Get recipe from Kid Friendly Things to Do.

Hot Off the Grill Cupcakes
Get a little creative with your grilling favourites. Instead of hefty burgers or hot dogs, why not enjoy these dishes in candy and cupcake form! Get recipe from She Knows.

Watermelon Rice Krispies Treats
What’s a surefire way to start a new tradition at your grilling get-togethers? Show up with a charming surprise, like these Watermelon Rice Krispies Treats. Get recipe from Foodie Family.

Crab Croissant
The perfect lunch for a beach picnic: crab croissant. Get recipe from Refurbished Ideas.

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