Virtual Cooking Classes and Camps Are A Popular Choice For Many Families

Summer is here and many parents are looking for fun and interactive classes and camps to keep their kids busy during July and August. With social distancing still in effect, summer will look a little different. Many camps and businesses are turning to virtual programming to deliver their classes.

Online cooking classes have become extremely popular ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began and families have turned to the internet to learn new recipes and new skills. Home cooking is a great way to eat healthy and save money and professional chefs provide excellent step-by-step coaching, cooking tips, and support via online platforms, such as Zoom. If you are considering virtual programming, then cooking may be just the activity for your family!

Here are our TOP 5 Reasons Why Virtual Cooking Camps or Classes are Great for Children and Teens:

1. Skills Enhancement: Learn new cooking/baking skills and knowledge while safely social distancing.
2. Creative time! Lets kids have some fun and take their minds off this stressful time with little parent supervision.
3. Skilled Instructors: Let experienced chef instructors provide live, interactive support, step-by-step coaching, and valuable cooking tips.
4. Connect with others: Socialize and interact with new friends from the comfort of your own home.
5. Build Recipe collection: It’s great to add new recipes to your current repertoire.

Why should our kids learn to cook?

Cooking is one of those valuable skills that all kids should learn and this pandemic is a perfect opportunity to make their culinary development a priority! We all want to help prepare our children for the future and it is important for them to know how to prepare meals for themselves. As a parent, it’s not an easy task to teach cooking skills but it’s definitely a worthwhile investment. If you want some help with cooking instruction, then be sure to check out some of the live, online cooking programs for children of all ages and skill levels. Most require some amount of parent supervision in the kitchen, especially if your kids are new to cooking.

There are SO many advantages to getting your kids into Cooking:

▪ Appreciation of food and where it comes from — teach kids about where our food grows and when it is in season.
▪ Expand palates and try new foods and flavours — look through recipes and find some foods that your kids would like to try; perhaps go shopping together to explore the produce section.
▪ Build self-confidence and empower children to become more independent - children will feel pride and confidence when they are able to follow through a recipe and help create a delicious meal to share as a family
▪ Family cooking time — use this time to bond as a family, talk about healthy food choices and nutrition.
▪ Application of Math and Science in the real world — children can use their math skills when measuring out ingredients and learn about the chemical processes that occur when cooking and baking.
▪ Language comprehension while reading and working through recipes — expand their language skills and learn new vocabulary with reading recipes.
▪ Learn about different cultures through recipes from around the world — talk to children about flavours and spices from different countries; find some new favourite dishes.

Be sure to check out some of the many cooking classes and camps that are available to families right now. Here are some comments from students and/or parents of kids who have taken virtual classes. Happy Cooking!!

Testimonials from students taking virtual Cooking Classes:

▪ Ben (virtual student June 2020): “Rooks to Cooks is a great program. Cooking is a great skill that I honestly don’t think a lot of my generation will have. With all of the new food delivery services, I think that when the younger kids grow up, they will take food for granted. I also love how Rooks is still teaching during this pandemic and still giving kids a chance to learn an invaluable life skill.”
▪ Cissy (Parent): “Sadie has enjoyed her virtual cooking classes very much. When asked what she liked the most she said "they are fun, you learn lots of new things and it gives me something to do!" As a parent, I couldn't be happier with the program. My daughter is fully engaged, she is challenged and works independently for the entire lesson. I highly recommend this virtual setting. I have already signed Sadie up for three more sessions!”
▪ Rebecca (virtual student): “Doing Rooks 2 Cooks classes during COVID is harder but I think it is a great system! It's fun to cook and the recipes are really good. I have learned: how to cut mango, that risotto is rice, and how to work with rice paper. I like that your parents can help!”

About Rooks to Cooks: Rooks to Cooks is a multidimensional cooking school that offers a wide variety of cooking programs for individuals of all ages and levels. Rooks to Cooks is pleased to announce the launch of our New Live Virtual Cooking Programs! Programs will be offered through Zoom where attendees will have the opportunity to learn from our Chefs and interact with their peers in a live virtual classroom. Recipes and set up instructions will be sent immediately following registration so you have ample time to arrange the materials and get organized for your class. Don’t fret, all recipes have been selected and designed to require common household cooking tools, easy to access ingredients AND accommodate various substitutions. At Rooks to Cooks, we emphasize delivering only the best high value programs. As such class sizes are small to permit optimal interaction with your Chef and peers. Find out more at

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