What Families Need To Pack For The Best Road Trip Ever

You made your list and checked it not twice, but at least 10 times. As far as you can tell, you have not forgotten anything – not the wet wipes, not the blankets, nor the anti-carsick pills. Hmmm, are you really ready for take-off?

Here's a checklist of everything a family needs with all the essential road trip gear.


▪ Paper Maps or Map App (a paper backup map is ideal in case you're travelling into areas with no service or if your phone is out of battery)
▪ First Aid Kit
▪ Paper towels, wet-naps, and Kleenex
▪ Trash bags and Ziplocks
▪ Insulated water bottles
▪ Bug spray
▪ Sunscreen
▪ Flashlight
▪ Car emergency kit
▪ Motion sickness medication
▪ Umbrellas (rain & sun)
▪ Tylenol and vitamins

Extra Safety Measures (during COVID-19)

​▪ Hand sanitizer
​▪ Sanitizing wipes
​▪ Sanitizing spray
▪ Masks (required when entering most attractions and indoor spaces)
​▪ Gloves or baggies to avoid touching surfaces that you need to (pumping gas, bank machine, remote at hotel, etc.)
​▪ A thermometer
▪ Health cards

For Comfort

▪ Car Seat Organizers (to stash your kids' gear)
▪ Comfortable Child Car Seat
▪ UV Window Shade
▪ Pillows and blankets
▪ Neck or travel pillow
▪ Lap tray for activities. Can also be used as a food tray when snacking.


▪ Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker for your favourite playlist
▪ Tablet or Smart Device
▪ Portable charger and cords
▪ Battery Pack / Power Bank
▪ Headphones
▪ Camera
▪ Electronic games for the kids


▪ Simple Games and Toys
▪ Travel Games
▪ Books and comics
▪ Movies
▪ Colouring and activity books, crayons
▪ Travel journal
▪ A football or frisbee for pit stops


Pack a well-rounded assortment of healthy road trip snacks and drinks, especially water to minimize stops, and therefore exposure and interactions along your route. We have some suggestions for Heathy Eating on Road Trips, including what to bring. Be prepared to pack as much food as possible since eat-in dining options aren't currently available. Food choices will be limited to fast food take-out so keep in mind that there may be line-ups or even temporary closures — not the best when you're travelling with hungry kids.

Don't forget to also pack your patience! Buckle up, it’s going to be a long ride...

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