What to do With all Your Kids' Art and Drawings

Since going into isolation, kids across the nation have been turning to arts and crafts to keep busy. As most parents, we often have trouble letting go of things our kids create, so here's what to do with your little Picassos' creations ... without letting it take over your home!

Display the Best
Keep the pieces you love most and display on the fridge or in frames for all to enjoy. When it's time to replace it, store the art in a binder to enjoy later. Options listed below.

Store in a Binder, Photo Album or Large Bin
If you're using a binder to save your art, you can purchase plastic sleeves to hold the art. Photo albums with pockets are also useful to hold smaller drawings and art. Large plastic bins with hanging files to organize the art is also a great option.

Invest in an Oversized Art Portfolio
An oversized art portfolio is a great way to preserve some of your child's best creations if you want to keep any larger pieces.

​Make a Scrapbook
Make a Scrapbook for each child with all their favourite artwork. Or, turn this into a fun project for the kids.

Preserve Online
Take photos of artwork and upload them to a file share program for all family and relatives to enjoy. This also perserves their art for when they're older. Then you can pitch the actual art.

Or Use an App
Keepy is a great app that organizes and saves your child's artwork, schoolwork and special mementos. Available for iOS or Android. It's free with in-app purchases.

Make a Photobook
Take the best of the art photos and order a photo book online.

Create a Gallery
Create a gallery in your child's room or a playroon by using washi tape to hang the pictures, inches apart. It is easily removable and kids can swap in new pieces as they create new art.

Re-purpose the Art
Any unwanted art can be used to make gift-wrapping paper. Cut some into tag shapes, punch a hole and insert twine or ribbon to create matching gift tags.

Transorm the Art into a Stuffie!
Looking for another creative way to preserve your child’s artwork? Check out these awesome artists who have created custom toys from children’s doodles. It’s and adorable idea, and now your kids will be able to sleep or play with their favorite drawings as they transform into stuffed animals or toys. We’re not sure who’s going to more excited, you or them! Below are companies that offer this service, and there's even a tutorial for you to make your own.

Child's Own Studio
Vancouver-based artist Wendy Tsao will convert your children's drawings into real-life plush toys. From bunnies to self-portraits, to mermaids, monsters, and more, Child’s Own Studio has custom made hundreds of personal soft toys from children’s drawings. More

Budsies creates custom plush toys based on your child's drawings. Kids LOVE seeing their imaginations brought to life. Budsies ships internationally. More info.

Doodle Your Toys
Doodle Your Toys make custom stuffed toys based on your children's imagination. All you need to do is send a photo of the doodle, artwork, sketch, cartoon, or any kind of drawing and they'll turn it into your child's personalized toy. Doodle Your Toys ships worldwide. More

Make Your Own!
Love this idea of turning your child's artwork into a stuffie? Have the time? Give it a try yourself. Here's tutorial with step-by-step instructions on how to turn your child's art into a stuffie from Make It, Love It.

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