Dove Launches New Bath Products For Kids That Teach Self-Care

Photo: Dove Kids Care

Dove has just launched a bath line for kids and they're giving our readers a chance to win these new products! This line does much more than keep kids clean ― it's also giving them tools to take care of themselves!

Dove Kids Care bubble bath and body wash are designed with delicate skin in mind. Made with fun scents, playful textures and colourful formulas, they’re perfect for helping kids discover the fun side of caring for themselves.

And the care doesn’t stop there. Every Dove Kids Care scented body wash and bubble bath comes with positive affirmations for children to say as part of their daily routine, to build confidence and self-esteem.

Product info is available at:

We're giving away 4 Dove Kids Care packs. Each includes 1 Foaming Body Wash in Coconut Cookie scent, 1 Foaming Body Wash in Cotton Candy scent and 1 Bubble Bath in a Coconut Cookie scent.

4 packs will be given away as follows: 1 Online Contest (enter below), and one each on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You'll be able to enter contests from links below, once they are live!

Site Contest winner - Lisa M. of Toronto

Twitter Contest winner - Cheryl M. of Toronto

Instagram Contest winner - Rachael T. of Ancaster

Facebook Contest winner - Monique S. of Scarborough

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