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About Art Academy at Art-Kitect

An award-winning studio that offers after school classes, summer programs, birthday parties and workshops. Virtual programs & camps also offered!

More About Art Academy at Art-Kitect

The Art Academy at Art-Kitect is an award-winning studio that offers after school classes, summer programs, birthday parties and workshops. We’re well known for hands-on classes, with step-by-step instruction to accommodate the very beginner to experienced artist. All classes are now offered online. Private lessons are also offered and can be scheduled for our in-person or online classrooms.

In-Person Art Classes

We’re please to offer engaging, technical art classes for ages 4 and up. Under the direction of our director, our exceptional art teacher’s develop catered course-work based on the interests and needs of our students. Every year, our students get the opportunity to experiment and practice with a variety of different artistic mediums including, pencil, watercolour, oil paint, polymer clay, digital art software, graphite pencils and more. Our art courses designed to be full-year, with many students staying with us for 4 – 8 years. Private, private-group, group lessons are offered both in-person and online.

Virtual Art Classes

Art-Kitect is taking every precaution necessary to keep our community happy and safe. Our incredible staff has adapted our coursework and we are now offering both private and group classes online. Please see our schedule. Our virtual classes focus on developing skill, while also encouraging interpersonal skills, confidence, problem solving and life skills.

Birthday Parties or Social Painting Parties

Our classes are so much fun, why not do them on your birthday with friends! Art-Kitect will gather supplies for you and host a birthday party, bachelorette, corporate event or family gathering.

In-Person Camp Programming

The Art Camp At Art-Kitect is a multi-activity camp located in Toronto where our campers experience unmatched art programming coupled with fun traditional day camp activities. Our space is designed to be productive and relaxing for our campers, where they can explore a wide variety of art mediums including, sketching, painting, watercolour and recycled materials/ mixed media. As part of our daily schedule, our teachers love to incorporate outdoor sports and activities, creative time and free play!

Virtual Camp Programming

If you’re more comfortable at a distance, why not join Art-Kitect online this summer? Our Virtual Camp Programming will be half-day for 3 hours a day (9:00 Am -12:00 PM), Monday – Friday. Our virtual programs will teach a wide variety of artistic mediums to a weekly theme. We’ll discuss how to develop artistic skills, art history, pop-culture, how to create a portfolio; and answer any questions our students have. Students can share their drawings in our discord throughout the week and enjoy making new friends from across Ontario. All of our virtual art programming are perfect for those who are still wanting to explore their creativity while taking the necessary precautions from the comfort of their own home.

You can also follow Art Academy at Art-Kitect on Tik Tok: @artkitect.

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