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Attuned Families

About Attuned Families

Attuned Families provides consultation and psychotherapeutic support to families and schools in the GTA.

More About Attuned Families

Attuned Families specializes in addressing the root cause of social, emotional, relational and behavioural difficulties with the goal of helping each family find harmony and each child reach their full potential.

Family Therapy

Family therapy can improve the way family members relate to and support one another. Our goal is to help your family become a place of emotional nourishment for all family members.

Child Therapy

Child therapy focuses on increasing your child’s emotional intelligence, sense of well-being, and most importantly, their relationship to you. Children are supported in processing difficult emotions, tapping into their own strengths and overcoming challenges.


Consulting services help parents, caregivers and schools create conditions that help children thrive, as well as develop strategies for troubleshooting problematic behaviours while preserving hope and dignity in children.

Virtual Services

Due to COVID-19, most therapy and counselling sessions are being held virtually via a secure telehealth platform. In-person services are available in certain circumstances and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. All health and safety requirements are being met or exceeded to ensure practitioner and client safety in the case of in-person visits.

Other Information