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At the Chess Institute of Canada, we bring chess to life! We are currently offering programs and summer camp online.

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At the Chess Institute of Canada, we bring chess to life!

Chess Institute of Canada (CIC) is a charity that provides opportunities for people of all ages to learn and play chess. Our specific mission is to improve the lives of children by using chess as a vehicle to cultivate the development of essential life skills.

The CIC offers a wide variety of programs, including:
● Online chess clubs and tournaments.
● In-school extra-curricular chess clubs.
● Chess curriculum classes to supplement the curriculum requirements set out by the Ontario Ministry of Education.
● One-day tournaments specially designed to engage elementary school children.
● Weeklong day and overnight camps throughout the year.
● Competitive all-ages tournaments.
● Lectures and other presentations by world renowned chess players.
● After-school programs year round and seasonal camps for kids.

Summer Chess Camps – Online in July and August!

CIC Live Online Chess Camps bring a small group of children together for online chess lessons, activities and chess games. CIC Chess to Life Instructors use video conference technology to provide an engaging, interactive experience where chess skills are developed while facilitating insights and building life skills such as decision making, goal setting, emotional intelligence, and respect for others. No physical chess sets are required.

Camps are divided by level – see our descriptions of the different levels, or sign up for a free evaluation session to help you choose.


Little Squires / Rookie Rooks
The “Rookie Rooks” Camps offer a fun, interactive week for kindergarteners, grade ones, and grade twos who want to become more comfortable with how the pieces move and how to get a checkmate.

Noble Knights
A series of fun, interactive weeks of chess for intermediate “Noble Knights” players from grades one to six. If your young chess enthusiast can already play to checkmate, but isn’t yet ready for advanced tactical stratagems, this is the camp for them!

Future Masters
A more advanced chess camp for advanced “Future Masters” from grades three to eight. If your young chess enthusiast is ready for longer lessons on more advanced tactical stratagems, this is the camp for them! 

Visit our website for more details and schedules.

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