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Cube School


Virtual School Only - Serving students anywhere!
Toronto, ON M4E 3W8
Last Updated: February 11, 2021

About Cube School

At The Cube, our camps are based on the STEAM principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.

More About Cube School

The Cube School offers a creative learning environment for kids, teens, and adults where technology and design converge. We focus on four primary disciplines: video game design, coding, robotics, and specialized programs in media and other relevant technology subjects that strengthen development in S.T.E.A.M: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics!

Our virtual, specialized after school and weekend programs strive to introduce kids and teens to design and technology topics and thought processes through hands-on, project based learning. Our one-on-one classes for adults introduce topics in a way even non-tech savvy people can grasp.

This year, we have decided to run all of our classes virtually for the 2020-2021 school season, as we want to give our parents and students some comfort and consistency for the entire school year! Check out our existing class roster! Small classes and live teachers in all our virtual classrooms. See our learn to code, robotics, Photoshop, Minecraft classes in our 2020-2021 virtual class catalogue online.

We also offer Seasonal camps during: Winter, March Break, Summer, and PA Days. All camps are also running online.

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