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Fraser Lake Camp

About Fraser Lake Camp

Fraser Lake Camp is our overnight camp located in Bancroft, Ontario. Fraser Lake Camp was formed in community, by community and for community in 1955. At Fraser Lake Camp, we are committed to being diverse, close-knit, and welcoming.


Fraser Lake Camp commits to treating all campers and staff equitably and with respect, honouring the diversity of race/colour, religion/creed, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, and economic background. At Fraser Lake Camp your child will eat, play and befriend children from a variety of backgrounds and learn from a range of experiences.


Fraser Lake Camp is intimate. Each week we host 65 campers, 20 youth in leadership programs, and 40 staff onsite. This has been our secret to success for over 65 years: we've formed a community at camp. Our extraordinary advantage is the attention we pay to your child’s experience.


Fraser Lake Camp has a proven track-record of developing independence and belonging in the many children who have spent their summers with us. Since 1955 we have measured our success directly by the emotional growth of your child. Our exciting programs and engaging activities are fantastic, but our real hallmark is in just how welcome your child will feel at the end of their stay at Fraser Lake Camp.

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Every year FLC staff find a creative way to tell our campers about the awesome program at Fraser Lake Camp!