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More About Jumping Clay Scarborough

Jumping Clay is The World's Best Air Drying Modelling Clay!

It is a unique Polymer Clay that is naturally jasmine-scented, 100% non-toxic, air dry, and most of all, mess free! Jumping Clay is made with natural ingredients and is composed of non-toxic, water-soluble fillers, which can be easily mixed into any colour, just like paint. It has passed numerous food safety regulations from around the world, and is hypoallergenic with Nano Silver Technology that gives our clay anti-bacterial, and disinfectant qualities, while allowing it to be Gluten Free! Jumping Clay is naturally air dry without baking, shrinking, cracking, or discoloring. It does not crumble, stain, shatter, or leave an oily residue. Once it’s dry, finished creations can be treasured forever. Our mission is to provide an inclusive and artistic environment for individuals of all ages to enhance creativity, boost self-confidence, improve motor skills, develop spatial awareness, and bring their imagination to life.

Birthday Parties

Mess & Stress Free Birthday Parties to Remember! Masterpieces to treasure forever.

Jumping Clay Scarborough has only one goal: Creative Fun! Our party package is all about the guests getting creative while bringing their imagination to life, and making their own masterpiece to take home and treasure forever. All materials are included and our trained instructors will be their guide through the simple-to-follow, step-by-step approach, ensuring that the children will have tons of fun along the way. We can also provide you with invitation cards, loot bags, cakes and gifts upon request. The birthday celebrant will have the option to choose from one of our existing models, or invent their own. If there is a theme or something particular that the celebrant would like to create, we will do our best to make a model of it for your party. We strive to create any theme you can think of! You can come to our location, or we can go to yours. So think about your perfect theme, and we will do everything possible to create the best party imaginable!

After School Program

Looking for a fun-packed after school activity to host at your school, or for your own kids?

Get creative & Learn through Play the Jumping Clay way! Jumping Clay Scarborough has an exciting range of educational programs that we are currently running in schools all over the GTA. All of our after-school programs are interactive, hands-on experiences that teach you to bring your imagination to life. Each week your child(ren) will embark on a new path of discovery and create a new masterpiece to take home that day.

Set Up a Program at Your School

Please do get in touch as we would love to hear from you. A typical Jumping Clay after-school program runs for 1 hour, once per week and for around 10-12 weeks. We understand that every school is different, which is why this program can be tailored to specifically suit your needs. If you would like to establish an after-school program, host an in-class workshop or have any inquiries about bringing the magic of Jumping Clay to your organization, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Community Group Themed Workshops "Make & Take" Activities for Your Community!

Looking for a fun-packed, creative activity for your community? Join our “Make and Take” workshop and bring your imagination to life! Invite us to your community group and enjoy a 1 or 2 hour activity workshop tailored to your needs. We will build the workshop around the theme of your choice, and one of our trained instructors will guide you and your members with simple-to-follow, step-by-step instructions to creating their own masterpieces to take home that day.

Courses and Workshops:

All activities are based on our basic shape characters, colours and simple step-by-step modelling. Workshops are suitable for children and adults of all ages starting at 3+. Their creations can be taken home on the same day, after the workshop. Models should be left out to air-dry for 24-48 hours, depending on size, then you will have a hand-crafted model of your own that you can treasure forever.

Drop-in Workshop

Drop Your Kids Off, and enjoy a relaxing break while we keep them entertained, or better yet, join them! Our 1 or 2 hour drop-in workshops are run by trained instructors teaching the magic of Jumping Clay. All materials needed are included. You will be amazed at what you and your children can create and take home right away.

**Note: We do advise that you call us ahead of time to check for availability.

Holiday Workshops Holiday specials to entertain your kids!

Our workshops often happen during holidays like Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, etc. We usually develop a special 1 or 2 hour workshop program to entertain you and your child(ren) while they are out of school. They will get to choose from a variety of holiday themed models that we created for each specific workshop. Whether it is your first time, or you are a master modeller, our workshops make any holiday extra special. So drop your kids off or join them, and try something new for your holidays!

Courses and Programs

We are developing exclusive educational programs based on shapes, colours, and step by step modelling instructions. Our courses and programs have been designed for a wide range of ages, as well as for people with varying needs and educational contexts. Our courses and programs are also designed for different skill levels – you can even work your way from a beginner’s class to an intermediate class if you would like to bring your skills to the next level. There will be 12 classes which can be scheduled according to your availability. In these classes, the student(s) will be guided through a textbook with the help of a certified instructor. Students will get to take their finished products home at the end of each class.

March Break Program

Every year, Jumping Clay Scarborough holds a March Break Program for one week, where you can allow your child(ren) to explore their artistic side, and take home their newest creations. In this program, we have a theme for each day, and a big project that will be worked on throughout the week. On the last day, they will be able to take their project home and show it off to all their friends and family!

Summer Camp Program

Like the March Break Program, our Summer Camp Program consists of different themes for each day that your child is present, as well as a big project that will be taken home at the end of their time at our camp. You can choose to allow your child to stay for half a day, or even a full day. Spending their summer vacation with Jumping Clay Scarborough, your child(ren) will be able to express their creativity and boost their confidence, while having tons of fun and meeting other children their age in the process.

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