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LAN Lords Gaming Centre

About LAN Lords Gaming Centre

This business is permanently closed.

More About LAN Lords Gaming Centre

We are Toronto's 1st and only Casual and Competitive Console eSports gaming centre, catered to console gamers ONLY! LAN Lords Gaming Centre was built on the foundation that gaming with your friends in a LAN Party environment should be fun, comfortable, and easy to do. With that philosophy in mind, we have developed an experience for the Toronto community: LAN Lords Gaming Centre.

Birthday Parties

Birthday Party Packages are now available! Visit our website to view the packages we offer! Come play video games, host a birthday party or special event, or host video game tournaments. Perfect for summer camps and family activities.

LAN Lords Esports Gaming Summer Camp

At LAN Lords Gaming Centre, we utilize the popularity of gaming and Esports to instill skills and values such as good sportsmanship, teamwork, communication, respect, integrity, leadership, problem solving, decision making, and many more.

About LAN Lords Gaming Centre

The two founders of the business, Rodney Valerio and Clemens Kim, come from different backgrounds and carry different skill sets, but both share a passion for gaming. Rodney's history in LAN gaming dates back to his high school days, while Clemens' started only in 2017. With the help of a couple friends, Rodney was able to convince Clemens to get into gaming and share the LAN Party experience. This ignited a fire within, which eventually led to the idea of opening up a gaming centre that is unique yet affordable. LAN Lords Gaming Centre is all about Respect, Integrity, Diversity, Quality Experience, Sportsmanship, and last but not least, FUN!

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