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Math programs and camps for Grades 1 to 12. Programs now online.

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Why Mathematics?

Mathematics fills the world around us with life, meaning and beauty. It is more than numbers and equations. It's a rich and diverse subject that reaches into nearly every aspect of our lives.


Our programs inspire students from Grades 1 - 12 to explore the world of mathematics in a fun, hands-on and exploratory way. They are offered by one of the world's leading mathematics research departments and draw from mathematics research and exploration resources. Whether you are seeking to encourage a mathematical shy student or to challenge a student who wants to dive into competition based mathematics we have a program for you. For students who are shy about the subject we have programs that show them that math is not just for the elite; it is not just for the ‘super smart’ or those that have a ‘math brain’. For those students who want to be challenged in the subject we have programs that build problem solving skills and dive into research based problems.


We offer camps for students in grades 3 - 8 during the summer and over March Break, and Saturday programs in the fall and spring. These programs provide enrichment opportunities for students to show them math concepts not commonly seen in the standard curriculum. No matter what you are looking for the programs offered by the Department of Mathematics at the University of Toronto will show you and your child the subject of Mathematics in a whole new and exciting way. Further details on all our programs can be found on our website or emailing us.

Come join us and change your equation!

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