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Nilo and Kairo


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Brampton, ON L0P
Last Updated: April 16, 2021

About Nilo and Kairo

Embark on exciting adventures with Nilo and Kairo!

More About Nilo and Kairo

Embark on exciting adventures with Nilo and Kairo, two young friends who are discovering the world. Join them as they learn about the environment with Professor Green. Together, with them, you can help save our precious Earth! The Apple books feature interactive glossary, images, and animation. All books come with fun activities/projects at the end. And now, you can also read “Show and Tell” in Portuguese, Italian or Spanish!

Click here to find NILO & KAIRO on the Apple Book Store, or here on Amazon.

For SK to grade 3.

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About the author: Ieda Hawron has travelled around the world and lived in many countries, including Brazil, Germany, England and Canada. She is passionate about nature and in her trips, and likes to observe how different countries deal with their issues about the environment. She has a background in Marketing, Environmental Sciences, and Arts! She hopes that Nilo & Kairo will inspire not only children, but also adults, to reduce their footprint and protect our environment. Earth is the only home we have, and we have to take good care of it!"

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