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Olympium Synchronized Swimming Club


590 Rathburn Rd
Etobicoke, ON M9C 3T3

Last Updated: April 16, 2021

About Olympium Synchronized Swimming Club

Recreational and competitive programs. We also offer Summer Camps.

More About Olympium Synchronized Swimming Club

If your child enjoys swimming and loves music and team work, synchronized swimming may be the ideal sport for HIM or HER! Synchronized swimming, now known as Artistic Swimming, is a unique and challenging Olympic sport that combines aspects of swimming, gymnastics, diving and dance. Synchronized swimmers are some of the best all-around athletes, cross-training in multiple disciplines. They perform and compete individually and in duets, teams and combos. Olympium Synchronized Swim Club (OSSC) offers recreational classes and competitive team programs to swimmers from 5 years old and up including Masters (20 years +). OSSC supports the personal development of its athletes including the following skills: teamwork, leadership, time-management and organization. OSSC swimmers and coaches enjoy recognition on provincial, national and international levels. They are led by coaches who include national team coaches, Olympians, and former national team members.


Olympium Synchro is pleased to offer our popular introductory and beginner level synchronized swimming camps for swimmers 6 thru 12. This camp is ideal for those who are comfortable in the water and new to synchronized swimming, as well as experienced synchro swimmers who wish to develop their skills. A fun program focused on introducing and developing synchro skills, swimming ability and flexibility, the camp will also prepare the athlete if they want to continue with the sport when the season begins in September. FULL and HALF DAY camp options are available. We have two weeks of camp this summer: August 12-16 and August 19-23. Each camp week will conclude with a Water Show that will allow our swimmers to show off their new skills and routines to their family and friends.


We have a 6 week Recreational program this summer where swimmers will work on their flexibility, swimming strokes and get to try some fun synchro moves in the water! Swimmers should be comfortable swimming on their own in the deep end. Classes are every Tuesday evening.


Interested in attending a free Try Synchro event? If you love to swim and are willing to try new things come join us for an hour of fun in the pool! We have 3 free sessions in early May where your child can try out the sport and our coaches will be on hand to answer any questions.

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