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Parent Education Network

About Parent Education Network

A not for profit, charitable organization that offers parent education classes in the GTA.

More About Parent Education Network

Parent Education Network is a not for profit, charitable organization that offers parent education classes in the GTA with topics such as toilet training, temper tantrums, homework strategies & more!

Parenting Classes in Toronto

Parent Education for Great Kids, Great Families As a parent, you face one of the most challenging, and rewarding roles of your life. No matter how much you love your child, there will still be moments filled with anger, frustration, and at times, desperation. What do you do? Since 1974, parents in Toronto just like you have joined the Parent Education Network to learn a consistent and common-sense approach to parenting. Through our workshops and classes, you will learn how to use kind and firm methods to raise a child who is responsible, respectful and resourceful. You’ll learn practical approaches to parenting challenges that strengthen family relationships.

Our goals are to help parents:

•Improve verbal and non-verbal communication in the home

•Prevent and resolve family conflict, in a manner that preserves the dignity and worth of all family members

•Help children develop the skills of self-management and maturity, through cooperation, responsibility, independence, and courage

•Build a positive, strong, and resilient self-image in our children and ourselves

For more information on our programs and services, please visit our website.

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