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Last Updated: April 22, 2021

About Project Kids & Cameras

Programs are currently delivered virtually.

More About Project Kids & Cameras

Project Kids & Cameras is a social enterprise empowering kids ages 7-13 to explore their voice and the world around them through digital photography, literacy, visual thinking skills, and social action. We design and offer affordable workshops for kids in collaboration with schools, libraries, and local arts service organizations such as East End Arts, Arts Etobicoke, and Scarborough Arts and non-profit organizations such as Back Lane Studios. We believe in creating a unique classroom environment and/or workshop experience for children where they can freely express themselves through photography, literacy and visual thinking activities. We believe the practice of photography can be a transformative experience for children, one that develops self-awareness and confidence; encourages inclusivity and community-engagement; embraces differences, and empowers social change. We also have a lot of fun along the way! We provide digital cameras for kids to use during our program. Kids also print photos in each class. We often showcase their photos in our studio spaces, photos they can take home. We offer programs for kids ages 7-13.

The key knowledge students learn in our programs:

• How to create a compelling photograph using principles of composition and elements of design.

• How photography and writing share the fundamentals of composition, perspective, voice, narrative.

• How a good photograph combines both artistic and technical skills.

• How a photograph can reflect the personal and social values of an individual.

• How a photograph can be open to various interpretations, ...and much more!

Our programs strengthen these 21st Century Skills in our students:

• Communication & Collaboration

• Critical Thinking

• Creativity & Innovation

• Problem Solving

• Social & Cross-Cultural Skills

• Visual & Media Literacy

• Information, Communications & Technology Literacy

• Interpersonal Skills

Our Programs at Project Kids & Cameras:

• Cameras in the Classroom

• After School Photo Club

• PA Day Photo Workshops

• March Break Photo Camp

• Summer Half-Day Photo Camps

"My son is really into math and sports. This is great but I wanted to make sure that he was getting a well-rounded feel for what the world has to offer. So, when I saw a post for Project Kids & Cameras for a PA day, I jumped on it. Diana and her team were amazing! My son was enthralled. He had asked me to come early to pick him up because he was worried he wouldn't like it and when I came to pick him up he begged to stay longer! Nothing more a mom could ask for ;)" - Mitch M, Parent 2019 "I learned about perspectives such as combining vantage points and elements of design with storytelling. I loved going outside and taking photos of things in action!" - Veda P, age 12 "Diana came to our class to teach 4 photography workshops as part of our school's Art's Week. Her calm demeanour and patience worked very well with my energetic students. She was able to channel their enthusiasm and creativity with well-planned lessons that culminated in photography and written piece. Parents were very impressed by their work when they came to our art's showcase at the end of the week, and the students were proud of what they had created. Through Diana's photography workshop, students were able to find beauty in their community while learning the basics of photography. I highly recommend Diana to any classroom teacher." - Kathryn Durant, Teacher Bruce Junior Public School "I learned that not everyone has the same taste in photography and it's good to compare photos to collaborate with each other and see the different points of view from different people." - Yueil, age 13 "I learned about vantage points such as worm's eye view and birds' eye view. My favourite part is the staff because they're nice and kind." - Jon, age 10


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