Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Month

April is Earth Month and there are plenty of things to do as a family to celebrate. Get involved and show your support for Mother Earth this month and everyday. Plus, on April 22, Earth Day is recognized. It's the largest environmental event engaging over 1 billion people worldwide.

Here's how you can do your part...

Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Month


This Earth Month, get the family talking about all things recycling. If you don’t already recycle in your home, take this opportunity to open up the conversation. Talk to your kids about the importance of recycling and how it can help our environment. Make recycling bins for paper, glass, and plastic. Let the kids decorate them however they want with images of what will go inside. This will help remind your little ones of how to sort the bins.

Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Month

Read up on it with your Kids

A great way to discuss recycling and how to care for the planet with your kids is with a great book. Start off this Earth Month by reading a book about various topics: Earth Day, the Earth, and Recycling. After reading a book, talk to your kids about how you recycle in your home and how you can help the environment. Here are books to help get you started… More

Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Month

Find Activities on

The Earth Day 2021 campaign will be unveiled on April 7. This year’s theme is Take Care of the Planet. Visit their page and social networks on April 7 to learn more. You'll find suggestions for activities at home and in your community in honour of Earth Day on April 22. Don’t forget to add them to your calendar of events! More

10 Fun Earth Day Crafts & Projects

Make Earth Day Crafts & Projects

Your kids will have fun using recycled materials to make these beautiful earth day crafts and projects. These ideas are perfect to remind your little ones about the importance of reusing and recycling. More

Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Month

Become a Zero Waste Home

Make a pact to stop using those plastic bags and prepackaged foods. It’s time to bring out the reusable containers. Not only is better for the environment but it's also cheaper! There are also many zero waste products you can use in your home. Find 135 products at Chapters-Indigo.

Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Month

Take an Online Composting Class from The Smart Cookies

Kids can learn a great deal about our environment and the effects of climate change. The Green Thumb program from The Smart Cookies translates these concepts into practical ways to feed a child’s innate curiosity. In this class, kids explore the magic of microbes and the terrors of landfills through interactive quizzes, polls and getting their hands dirty! This composting project requires minimal parental help. More

Earth Day Inspired Recipes

Make Earth Day Treats

Celebrate our planet with fun and whimsical Earth Day snacks and treat recipes for everyone to enjoy. From creepy crawly puddings to beautiful flower pot cakes, your little sprouts will love these yummy nature-inspired recipes! Discuss the importance of taking care of Mother Earth while baking and enjoying treats! More

TRCA At Home Nature Resources

TRCA At-Home Nature Resources for Families

To celebrate, TRCA is inviting you to explore fun e-Learning videos, activities, and resources that help families deepen their understanding and appreciation of nature, ecology, and cultural heritage — all from the comfort of home. More

Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Month

Cut Back on Water Waste

Water is a precious commodity yet it is often wasted. There are easy steps to take to cut back on water waste. You can fix leaky faucets and install water-saving devices like low-flow showerheads and toilets. Teach the kids to take shorter showers, to off turn the tap while brushing teeth and make sure that faucets are always tightly shut to avoid drips.

Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Month

Get Outside and Enjoy Nature!

Now that Spring is here, it's time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Play outside, take a walk, spot some birds ... the possibilities are endless. Demonstrate your enjoyment of nature ― it's is the perfect opportunity to teach your kids about respecting the environment.

Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Month

Walk, Bike, or Skateboard Instead!

When possible, avoid driving. These methods of transportation have the lowest impact on the environment and can give you some great exercise!

Happy Earth Month!

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