Celebrate Popcorn Day on January 19 by enjoying this popular snack in one of its many forms. There’s no better way to embrace a movie night than with popcorn. Here are fun recipes for kids dressed up to suit any occasion!

Popcorn Recipes for Kids

Unicorn Popcorn

This recipe is a great way to get kids in the kitchen! When they’re making a delicious treat, they’ll be more than happy to help. Once they see all the bright and beautiful colours, this just might be their new favourite treat! Get recipe from Living Life As A Mom.

Popcorn Recipes for Kids

Old Fashioned Pink Popcorn

This Old Fashioned Pink Popcorn is the homemade version of the pink popcorn you bought as a kid. It's lightly candy coated and with a fun pink colour. Get recipe from Cooking Classy.

Popcorn Recipes for Kids

Funfetti Birthday Cake Popcorn

Take your popcorn from plain and boring to fun and exciting! Everything you love about cake but in your popcorn! Get recipe from MyGreatRecipes.

Popcorn Recipes for Kids

Cookies & Cream Popcorn

Crushed Oreo cookies and white chocolate coated popcorn is the perfect match for a sweet treat! Get recipe from Tabs & Tidbits.

Popcorn Recipes for Kids

Super Easy S'mores Popcorn

Everyone's favourite summer treat meets popcorn! Get recipe from Food Network Canada.

Popcorn Recipes for Kids

Cinnamon Roll Popcorn

This Cinnabon inspired popcorn is complete genius. This recipe strikes a perfect balance between the world of cinnamon rolls and popcorn. Get recipe from Salt and Baker.

Popcorn Recipes for Kids

Cotton Candy Popcorn

For fans of cotton candy, this candy coated popcorn recipe is made with sprinkles and real cotton candy pieces! Get recipe from Bitz N Giggles.

Popcorn Recipes for Kids

Candy Coated Jello Popcorn

Sweet and colourful — candy coated Jello popcorn is the perfect treat for kids! Get recipe from In the Kids' Kitchen.

Popcorn Recipes for Kids

Peanut Butter Popcorn

Peanut Butter Popcorn is perfect for peanut butter lovers! Tasty sweet & salty popcorn recipe that’s ready in under 20 minutes. Get recipe from Butter with a Side of Bread.

Popcorn Recipes for Kids

Cracker Jacks Popcorn

A sweet and salty combo of caramel covered popcorn and crunchy peanuts! Get recipe from Savory Sweet Life.

Popcorn Recipes for Kids

Nutella Popcorn

Crunchy popcorn is coated in a Nutella caramel for a chocolaty and salty snack. Get recipe from Tasting Table.

Popcorn Recipes for Kids

Marshmallow Popcorn Recipe

This recipe is kind of the same concept as Rice Krispie treats, but with popcorn. Get recipe from One Little Project.

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