Fun Ways To Celebrate A Birthday At Home During COVID

Even though most kids are back in school, with some being home-schooled ― parties and gatherings with friends outside of your immediate household are still a no-no. This means celebrating a birthday becomes a fun family affair!

With everyone pitching in, here's how ― as a family, you can make this day a special one for the birthday child.

Collect Special Birthday Messages

Ask friends and family members to make a special birthday wish by mailing cards ahead or sending a recorded video message.

ZOOM Dates

Schedule ZOOM or video call dates with as many classmates, family and friends as you can.

Game Night

Break out the Game boards. They are loads of family fun and will provide tons of entertainment. Birthday child picks the games.

Plan an Elaborate Scavenger Hunt in your House

Hide fun treats and little gifts for the birthday boy or girl to find. Don't forget to make a treasure map.

Have a Family Slumber Party

Set it up indoors! Kids love a living room campsite. Read bedtime stories together. Eat snacks in bed.

Have a YES Day

Think of some of the times your child has asked for something and the answer was no. Ice cream for breakfast? YES!

Arrange a Drive-By Car Parade

Ask friends and family to drive by your house at a specific time. Have them wave streamers and signs outside the car to make it fun and interactive!

Rent Fun Lawn Signs

This will make your child's day super special. Superior Events in Toronto rents fun signs to mark important milestones. More

Movie Marathon

Relax on the couch and watch the birthday child’s favourite movie picks.

Bake Treats Together

Bake together and turn it into a kitchen party. Play upbeat music, do video chats with family, and make it special. Get the entire family involved.

Have a Family Spa Day

Everyone gets pampered. Plan a day of at-home manicures, pedicures, facial masks and hair styling.

Order In

Order take-out from your child's favourite restaurant for a relaxing stress-free meal everyone can enjoy!

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