Best Easter Party!

Egg hunts, baskets, bunnies, candy, crafts… it's Easter! Here’s how to turn an ordinary Easter into an amazing Spring affair. This year, orchestrate the perfect party for your kids and their friends…

Decorate a Basket

Start with a craft activity by having the kids make or decorate their own baskets. Recycle ones from previous years and add some spark with inexpensive Easter craft supplies, stickers and glitter. Or, have them decorate a paper lunch bag to store all their treats.

Decorate an Easter Egg

Pick up some plain chocolate eggs and whip up different coloured royal icing. You can pick up inexpensive royal icing at Bulk Barn or make your own. Fill plastic baggies (kids can share) with different colours and have the kids pipe decorations and their name on their eggs. You can also have them decorate Easter-themed sugar cookies or cupcakes.

Easter Crafts

Gather up the supplies for an hour of quiet time as the kids put together some great Easter creations. Our fave site is Spoonful and it’s packed with tons of ideas. Settle on one craft ahead of time and purchase the necessary supplies. If possible create a sample ahead of time so the kids have something to follow. We saw some cute 'egg' topiaries, adorable cotton ball sheep, and sweet ducklings.

Easter Hunt

No party is complete without a little Easter hunt! Make this one a treasure hunt and give the kids a map with clues. X marks the spots with eggs. Your little plastic eggs mustn’t just contain candy! Surprise them with other Easter treats such as stickers, toys, temporary tattoos, silly putty, slime, bouncy balls, and other items you can pick up at the dollar store. Make some "special eggs" which may be harder to find but contain 'cooler' goodies.

Egg-Themed Foods

Have "egg-related" foods for the kids: Egg shaped sugar cookies, egg-salad sandwiches, devilled eggs with cool, fun faces, coloured hard-boiled eggs, and a few chocolate eggs too. Make smaller pizzas in the shape of an egg and have the kids decorate them with veggies as you would an Easter egg.

Easter Games

For added entertainment, you’ll need some games! The Egg Relay Game is a classic but kids will really enjoy a Carrot Scavenger Hunt or an Egg Toss. Find out more here at Kaboose. Or take your kid’s favourite games – and add an Easter twist: Pin the Tail on the Bunny, Musical Bunny, or Guess the Number of Jelly Beans in the Jar.

Happy Easter!

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