Welcome Spring! 50 Fun Things to Do!  (2018)

Spring has sprung — well sort of... Deep breath. We're almost there! The first signs of spring are all about creating some huge family fun! Follow these 50 activities to welcome spring with your kids!

1. Go to a Baseball Game

The start of Major League Baseball is the annual marker that it's Spring! Take your kids out to the ballpark for popcorn and hotdogs. Get the Junior Jays line-up for the 2018 season. This year, events take place on Sunday Home Games, with a few select Saturday dates. More

Welcome Spring! 50 Fun Things to Do!  (2018)

#2 - Go to Centreville

2. Go to Centreville Amusement Park

With over 30 rides and attractions this theme park offers up a full day of family fun. One of the highlights is the ferry ride over! This year, Centreville opens for the season on May 5th! More

3. See all the new Baby Animals

Go to a petting zoo or your local farm. Try the Riverdale Farm, located right in the heart of the city, or Far Enough Farm at Centreville. They're both free!

4. Make Spring Crafts

Crafty young minds will enjoy celebrating the spring arrival with these fun spring craft projects. More

Welcome Spring! 50 Fun Things to Do!  (2018)

#5 - Go to Treewalk Village

5. Go to Treewalk Village

This adventure park for families allows kids to explore and play up in the treetops. Descend to the ground on slides, crawl through a network of tunnels, and play on the Treewee Walk obstacle course. More

6. Go to Doors Open Toronto

Gain access to over 130 buildings of architectural, historic, cultural, and social significance open their doors to the public for free. The event takes place on May 26 and 27. The 2018 Theme is Film: The Great Romance. More

Welcome Spring! 50 Fun Things to Do!  (2018)

#7 - Go to the Kite Festival at Kortright

7. Go Fly a Kite

Up, up and away! It's great spring family fun and the sky is big enough for everyone! Let your spirits soar by packing a kite and picnic, and heading over to your favourite park. Watch as your kites fill the sky with bright colors and graceful dances. Do this at the Four Winds Kite Festival at Kortright on May 5. More

8. Celebrate Earth Day

Show our planet just how much you care by celebrating Earth Day on April 22! Toronto and the GTA will offer up plenty of ways to honour Mother Nature, including fun family events in the city's parks and at other attractions. More

9. Go to Nifty Nests and Bouncing Babies at High Park Nature Centre

Springtime breathes new life into High Park as many of its residents are having babies! Explore who is being born at this time of year as well as looking out for their nifty and creative nests. April 21. More

10. Make your own Sidewalk Chalk

Then, spend the afternoon creating a masterpiece or play hopscotch. Here's a recipe.

11. Go to Nature Play in The Children’s Garden at Evergreen Brickworks

There will be songs, art and stewardship during Earth month to explore and celebrate our planet and the different plants and animals which call it home. More

12. Participate in Jane's Walk

Jane's Walk is a global movement of free citizen-led walking tours inspired by urbanist Jane Jacobs. Join the next festival May 4 to 6, 2018. On a Jane's Walk you can explore your city, meet your neighbors, and join a conversation about the places where you live, work and play. More

13. Enjoy the Great Outdoors

It's time to look forward to warmer days, flowers and more opportunities to get outside and play. After being cooped up most of the winter, here are 15 simple ideas to get your kids enjoying the great outdoors. More

14. Go to Kortright Centre

Discover the beautiful trails all spring long which are great for hiking. TRCA is a breathtaking piece of property with many picnic sites for families. It's nature at its best! More

15. Go to the Parkdale Annual Spring Festival

The 6th Annual Spring Festival is the largest free outdoor event held within the BIA, attracting thousands of local & neighbouring visitors to the heart of Parkdale Village! Be a part of this vibrant event and help support the arts, community, culture, diversity and shopping local. Enjoy 150+ vendors, entertainers, a 10,000 sq ft Kids Zone and more. May 12. More

Welcome Spring! 50 Fun Things to Do!  (2018)

#16 - Make Sweet Spring Treats

16. Make Sweet Spring Treats

10 delicious treats to make for Spring! These easy to make homemade cupcakes, cookies, and fruit recipes will help you celebrate Springtime in sweet style! More

17. Go on an Eco Adventure Tour at Scenic Caves Nature Adventures

Experience the wonder of treetop canopy walking as you view the diverse flora/fauna of a designated UNESCO biosphere reserve from airborne walkways. Go ziplining and descend deep into caves/caverns/crevasses carved millions of years ago from glacial ice. Reserve before April 30, 2018 and save $30. More

18. Make Mothers' Day Cards

It's time to think about Mother's Day! Get a head start and make one of these beautiful cards. More

19. Plant an Herb Garden

Have the kids pick out some seeds such as mint, basil, chives, thyme, basil, and parsley. Decorate craft sticks with the herbs' names. Plant in small terra cotta pots or in a section of your garden. Find out more on how to grow an herb garden here.

20. Spend April Weekends at Scarborough Museum

All month long the museum has flower themed crafts and a yummy spring egg pancake recipe for visitors to try! If you're lucky you might even get to see the beginnings of the museum's beautiful flower and vegetable gardens. More

Welcome Spring! 50 Fun Things to Do!  (2018)

#21 - See the Sakura Trees

21. See the Sakura trees in High Park

They only blossom for a brief period in early Spring with blooms lasting from 1-2 weeks. It's a spectacular sight. Visit the 'Sakura in High Park' website for weekly updates and to track the progress of the blossoms. More

22. Participate in FrogWatch Ontario

Spring brings frogs so take part in FrogWatch Ontario. This fun, easy amphibian monitoring project is for people of all ages and it's a great activity for families. Your observations can help towards the protection of wetland habitat and species. More

23. Grow Vegetables

Pick out a fruit or vegetable that you and your child can plant from seed and nurture together. Try tomatoes, peas, or any kind of beans. Kids will have fun taking care of their plants. This might even encourage them to eat more veggies!

24. Go to Woofstock 

Bring your dog to North America's largest outdoor festival for dogs. Quirky and fun, it's a weekend of events, contests, shopping and tons of doggy indulgences! This year, the Festival celebrates 15 years! May 27 and 28. More

25. Go on a Train Ride

Take a scenic train ride on the York Durham Heritage Railway. In early June, regular Sunday trips between Uxbridge and Stouffville resume. Experience nature at its best, while travelling over the Oak Ridges Moraine. More

Welcome Spring! 50 Fun Things to Do!  (2018)

#26 - Make a fun Birdfeeder

26. Make a Birdfeeder

Kids love to spot blue jays, cardinals, and other feathered friends. Bring the birds to your backyard with a fun craft you can do together. Here's a fun bird feeder to build with kids from Lowes.

27. Go Geocaching

It's a fun outdoor recreational activity, like a futuristic treasure hunt that is being played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with a GPS (Global Positioning System) device. Visit geocaching.com to start your adventure!

28. Go on a Spring Hike

Visit www.ontariotrails.on.ca for the best hiking trails.

29. Go to the Junior Festival at Harbourfront

Junior, which takes over the waterfront campus from May 19 to 25, offers children and their families an opportunity to experience original and inspiring performances through productions that redefine children’s cultural programming. More

30. Have a Garage Sale 

It's time the clear the clutter! Make this a learning experience for kids and give the kids jobs.

31. Register for the Little Saplings Parent & Tot Program at Kortright

Outdoor activities include collecting, hiding, piling, catching and exploring nature. Indoor activities including fun crafts, hands-on experiments and sensory games, and more. This 8 week program is recommended for children ages 1-5. More

32. Go for a family Nature Hunt

Give everyone a paper bag, along with a list of objects to collect (a bird's feather, a twig, a leaf, a smooth rock, a pine cone, a wildflower, and so on). Get more ideas here.

33. Blow Bubbles

Here's a recipe to make your own. You can even make coloured ones too!

34. Eat Outside

If weather permits, eat outside. After being cooped up inside all winter, everything tastes better outside! Throw a quick picnic together, spread out an old sleeping bag with the nylon towards the damp grass to keep everyone from getting wet. Best part? No ants. Bon appétit!

35. Go to an Outdoor Playground

Playgrounds are a great for kids to enjoy the outdoors. It's a place to play, stay active, and have fun at the same time! Hit the monkey bars, the slides, and the swings!

Welcome Spring! 50 Fun Things to Do!  (2018)

#36 - Go to Black Creek Pioneer Village

36. Spring at Black Creek

Spring into the season at Black Creek Pioneer Village! Meet the baby lambs and other farmyard friends, expore discover stations, plan brunch for Mothers' Day, go to the Pirate/Princess event, and much more! More

37. Go Bird Watching

Take your binoculars and go Bird Watching. To get your kids plugged into 'birding,' visit this great website. And, click here for a really cute Free Printable Bird Book for Birding with Kids so kids can record their birding activities.

38. Go see Baby Animals at the Zoo

Spring is in the air, which means cuddly animal newborns are cropping up at the zoo. Take a day to meet all the latest adorable additions. More

39. Go to Brooks Farms

One of the last few Sugar Festivals taking place this spring is the Maple Sugar Festival & Pancake House At Brooks Farms. Take part in the fun until April 22! Enjoy train and wagon rides, a barnyard playland, a camp fire in sugar bush, pancakes and much more. More

40. Make a Terrarium

Why not make a cool terrarium – a living landscape and miniature garden inside an enclosed glass or plastic container. It will teach kids about plant life and the cycle of water. More

41. Go to your local Farmer's Market

Take advantage of the comfortable morning temperatures and see what local farmers are offering. The markets provide countless opportunities to teach, and you might just get the kids to try a new vegetable!

42. Go to an Indoor Playground

Spring brings rain so spend that time at an Indoor Playground. Crammed with climbing frames, slides and bouncy castles, they offer an ideal environment for using up excess energy and getting exercise on these rainy days. More

43. Go on a Walking Tour of Toronto at ROMwalks

Starting early May, you can explore the history, art and architecture, and notable (or notorious!) characters of some of the 6ix’s best-known neighbourhoods. Most ROMwalks are free, with no need to pre-register. More

44. Make Edible Bugs

Kids love creepy crawlies! If your children do, then try some of these food and snack ideas. If you want helping hands in the kitchen, kids will squeal with delight when they make these cute bugs. It's the perfect way to welcome Spring! More

45. Go to the Waterfront Artisan Market

Not only will you enjoy a walk along the waterfront, but you can also enjoy browsing through a mix of local artisans, crafters, chefs and bakers. More

46. Rouge Park Guided Walks

Discover the park's natural, cultural and agricultural stories with our friendly and fun Parks Canada volunteer leaders and staff. There is something for everyone, if you are looking for wildlife sightings, quiet nature walks, discovering the past, fitness challenges or just to meet new people! Free admission. More

Welcome Spring! 50 Fun Things to Do!  (2018)

#47 - Go to Canada's Wonderland

47. Go to a Theme Park

It's time to get excited about going to a theme park and watching your kids have the time of their lives. A new season of fun begins on Sunday, April 29 at Canada's Wonderland! More

48. Go Mini Golfing

The slow pace, the imaginative courses, and relatively short duration make mini golf an activity that's great for the whole family. 

49. Play in the Rain

Spring inevitably brings on some rain so make sure you keep your kids busy on rainy days. Play in the mud puddles or try these fun activities the kids can do indoors on gloomy days. More

50. Ride Bikes (or Skateboard)

When the snow melts and the weather warms, it's time to get outside and get moving! Go to your local park when the driveway starts to feel too small.

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