Learn Financial Litteracy As A Family With HSBC Family Literacy First

This past year, Canadian families have seen COVID-19 impact everything from their physical and mental health, to their children's education and their personal finances.

The economic impact of the pandemic has caused many families to live on a reduced income. This can often lead to added stress which ultimately impacts children. According to the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth, parents who worry about money were more likely to have hyperactive and anxious kids compared to those who didn't worry about finances.

Since many many families are currently homeschooling and spending more time at home, now is a great time to address your financial literacy together as a family. Talking to children about finances during difficult times provides an opportunity to equip them with the skills they need to prepare and thrive in emergency situations.

The HSBC Family Literacy First program helps families do just that. The program, created in partnership with ABC Life Literacy Canada and supported by HSBC, allows families to download workbooks, activities and stories that focus on family financial literacy. Try a sample activity or register to download the complete collection. The series is available in English, French, and Simplified Chinese, with a few also available in Tagalog and Arabic. All are free. The program is ideal for families with children aged six to 11.

The HSBC Family Literacy First program was created in 2015 to bring together parents and children to have fun while learning as a family. The latest workbook published ― A Trip to the Amusement Park, covers basic math such as addition and fractions, as well as timely topics such as financial setbacks and planning for unexpected expenses, with more than 80 stories and activities.

"The time has never been better to learn at home as a family," says David Kuo, Head of Branch Network, Ontario, HSBC Canada. "As a participant in the program myself, I have seen the positive impact when families build their numeracy and money management skills together. We're proud to support families across the country on their financial literacy journey."

Learn more about the program and access the workbooks at FamilyLiteracyFirst.ca.

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