Boost Your Child's French Skills At Brouillet Academy

Learning a foreign language has become increasingly popular and it’s a beneficial aspect of children’s development and education. As the school year kicks off, consider signing up for an enrichment or tutoring program now to boost your child’s French language skills. Whether your little one is a native French speaker, is attending French immersion school or has never taken a French class before, Brouillet Academy has programs to suit every need. Each have something unique to offer, perfect for all levels of French. All ages are welcome!

The school offers small virtual group classes and one-on-one tutoring to help improve and further your child’s French knowledge and practice. Their exceptional content is delivered by a team of trained and experienced second-language professionals. Classes are offered daily and weekly. New this year are 'conjugation classes' for those who struggle with verbs.

Programs offered include:

Classes for French Immersion Students - SK to Grade 6

Developed for French immersion students and tested and reviewed regularly, these programs are designed to help with vocabulary, fluidity of conversation, as well as listening and speaking skills. A special Conjugation and Grammar class is offered this fall to help tackle the French grammatical rules as well as improve their writing skills.

Classes for Non-French Immersion Students - SK to Grade 6

These classes are for students who are not in a French Immersion program but are eager to learn the language. This program is available for all French levels, and combines the child’s foundation and French skills through various activities linked to the four learning domains: oral communication, oral comprehension, reading comprehension, and writing.

DELF Classes - Grades 6 to 12

This senior academy provides students ages 12 and up (of appropriate French proficiency) with a unique opportunity to progress with their French second language learning. DELF classes prepare them to complete the certification for the DELF Junior diploma awarded by the Common European Framework of Reference for Language Ability (CEFR). The course curriculum was developed in consultation with a number of experienced French immersion teachers and is tailored to meet the specific needs of French Second Language learners.

Coding & Gaming Classes

Attention tech-lovers, these programming and gaming classes are just for you! This fall, Brouillet Academy is offering Python 101, Coding 101, and World of Minecraft. With an all-French curriculum, these classes will also allow you to practice your conversational French.

All programs are updated regularly to be appropriate for the level targeted.

Find out more and register at

Boost Your Child's French Skills At Brouillet Academy
Boost Your Child's French Skills At Brouillet Academy
Boost Your Child's French Skills At Brouillet Academy

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