Explorum: Extracurricular Programs

EXPLORUM, an organisation that presents exciting and inspirational workshops to students in French (and English) is now bringing its activities and programs right to your screen. Especially for kids who love science and the arts, these offering will keep them learning while having fun, in the comfort and safety of your home.

Energetic, fun and knowledgeable presenters lead interactive and stimulating hands-on workshops that teach children autonomy and make them understand that science is all around us, even where we don't expect it.

Workshops are available in either French or English; children are exposed to the language, learn new skills and play in the process.

Families can sign up for Camp programs, Speak French classes, Hands-on Science, Arts & Crafts workshops, and Birthday Parties & Playdates, all via video conferencing.

And, with the holidays are fast approaching, parents wondering how they will keep their kids busy are invited to sign up for EXPLORUM Holiday Camp. Students ages 6 to 12 can engage in virtual camps that will teach them in various ways: Speak French, Sciences, Image animation, Magic or DIY'Arts in guided Zoom workshops in the morning. The program also offers suggestions for self-guided follow-up activities for the afternoon.

Here's what parents are saying...

Leyah, mother of Grade 5 and 7 students:

"Both of my kids have experienced Explorum’s science workshop in person as well as virtually. It was amazing to have fun activities like this one available while the kids were at home. Lots of fun and engaging, bilingual instructors!"

Lisa, mother of 13 year old boy:

"I feel like this class will actually get him learning to speak French without the stress of having to worry about all the other details like grammar and conjugations."

Alina C., mother of Grade 3 boy:

"Bravo! You got my son excited about science today ... he had to show me his display and told me that the sun is 400x bigger than the moon!

Patricia T., mother of Grade 5 girl:

"Omg! My daughter came into the car tonight with tons to share about the science session today. She loved it and told me that she had the best time and that it was so much fun. She said ... thank you mommy for letting me join this because I love science and this is perfect for me! Madame H. was so fun and really makes it interesting. Thanks a mil for creating a fun way to learn and enjoy science."

Don't miss out on these exciting opportunities to play, explore, learn and have a blast, without leaving the house!

Find out more at www.explorum.ca.


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