Explorum Virtual Parties

Who couldn’t use a little Science or DIY Arts & Crafts fun in quarantine life? EXPLORUM, best known for providing after-school programs and camps that deliver fun, interactive and stimulating hands-on science experiments, in French, is offering Virtual Birthday Parties in French and English, and taking all the fun to Zoom!

Choose from a 60 minute virtual birthday party or playdate, featuring activities such as Yoga, Science, Image Animation or DIY'Arts. It's a chance for friends to see each other and spend some time together while doing a fun, educational activity.

A wide range of workshop choices for Science and DIY'Arts will spark kids’ interests depending on their age...

Science Activities for ages 4-5 years

  • 3D Paint
  • Art Fizz
  • Thaumatrope
  • Underwater discovery

Science Activities for ages 6-8 years

  • Absorption & Chromatography
  • Gooey Slime and Bouncy Ball (parent's help needed)
  • Inside my body
  • Natural plastic
  • Squiggly worm
  • Thaumatrope
  • Volcanic Eruption

Science Activities for ages 9-12 years

  • Articulated Hand
  • Gooey Slime and Bouncy Ball
  • My Mobile
  • Plant Maze
  • Butterfly cycle
  • Boat challenge

DIY'Arts Activities for ages 4-5 years

  • Maracas
  • Play dough
  • Collage art
  • Wind Chime

DIY'Arts Activities for ages 6-8 years:

  • Agamograph
  • My maze
  • Paper balls
  • String bowl
  • Wind chime

DIY'Arts Activities for ages 9-12 years

  • Yarn bowl
  • Extension clamp
  • Agamograph
  • Origami/3D

Parties are ideal for 4 to 12 year old's and can accommodate up to 15 kids. Choose to have your party led in French or English. A list of materials needed for the activities ― made up of common items you have at home, will be provided ahead of time to prep for the party! Some assistance may be required by parents or caregivers, depending on project and age. And, your party allows for social time to sing "Happy Birthday" to the star of the party and to eat cake.

Pricing is $145 + HST.

Social distancing doesn’t need to be socially isolating. Take advantage of technology to help your birthday boy or girl celebrate with friends and family!

EXPLORUM will do their utmost to accommodate special requests so reach out if there's something special that you need for your event. Find out more at explorum.ca/partyfromhome.

Explorum Virtual Parties
Explorum Virtual Parties
Explorum Virtual Parties
Explorum Virtual Parties
Explorum Virtual Parties

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