Music Together Programs Support ALL Learning!

Music Together Outdoors is designed to teach the way young children learn: through play. During each music class, your beloved Music Together teacher will lead music activities for the whole family to sing, play, and jam along to. Each class is designed as an active music-making experience for you and your little one to connect through music. Bring your instruments to class and you and your family will be led through 30 minutes of singing, dancing, and jamming with your musical community! Activities and materials for home use are included with a CD, Songbook and digital download codes. 

Fall registration is now open and there are 9 outdoor locations to serve you:

• Withrow Park (Riverdale)

• Leslie Grove Park (Leslieville)

• Kew Beach (Beaches)

• Grant AME Greenspace (Gerrard and Woodbine)

• Roxton Rd Park (Trinity Bellwoods)

• West Lodge Park (Roncesvalles)

• Morningside High Park Presbyterian Church Greenspace (Swansea)

• Ravina Gardens Park (Bloor West/Junction)

• Tom Riley Park (Etobicoke)

Or, if you prefer, you can also take Music Together Classes Online at home!

Music Together Programs Support ALL Learning! 

In addition to singing songs, dancing, and playing musical activities, Music Together programs are designed to give your child the ability to “speak” the language of music, and support them in achieving basic music competence. Participating in these activities with others engages children, and can lead them to full participation in school, and family music-making at home. 

As well as music learning and development, children will gain skills in listening, build on language, and grow their imagination and creativity. The program will help them expand their vocabulary and recognize sound-letter associations, while developing an aptitude for creative story-telling. Movement activities will boost gross and fine motor skills; coordination, balance and control; and spatial awareness, while the group setting helps strengthen social and emotional development to improve self-confidence, self-expression and leadership skills. And they’ll learn about many different music styles! 

Music Together is one of the Best-Loved Family Music Programs in the city! This Fall, give your child the opportunity to be a part of a music-making community where they can explore and experiment with music, and learn all while having fun with others in a safe, outdoor setting. And check out Music Together's free "Hello Everybody" app that comes pre loaded with 8 songs!

Registration is now open at:

Music Together Programs Support ALL Learning!
Music Together Programs Support ALL Learning!
Music Together Programs Support ALL Learning!
Music Together Programs Support ALL Learning!

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