Online Fall Art Workshops At Max the Mutt

Starting this September, join Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design for Online Fall Art Workshops! Tons of exciting classes are being offered from Character Design, to Creating a Webcomic, 3D Modeling, Creature Design, Traditional Animation, Portfolio Development and more! These workshops are aimed at youth looking to develop their artistic skills.

The school offers a variety of exciting online animation, and art workshops and courses outside their diploma programs. There are courses that appeal to those from every background ― from the complete beginner, the occasional hobbyist, all the way to the working professional.

"I’ve done 2 workshops with MTM so far and it was so fun and I learned so much from them! I totally recommend it!!”, says a youth participant who took ‘Intro to Blender Camp’ and ‘Redesigning Fairy Tales’ workshops. “Thank you Max the Mutt for offering those wonderful workshops, it’s helping me get to where I want to get!!"

Max the Mutt prides itself on the quality of their offerings, and all courses are held to the same high standard as their diploma programs. This means you always get to participate in small classes with highly qualified instructors that are industry professionals ― all in a fun and supportive environment. Registration is now open for Fall, so sign up today! Max the Mutt has something for everyone, and classes can be accessed from anywhere.

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Online Fall Art Workshops At Max the Mutt
Online Fall Art Workshops At Max the Mutt
Online Fall Art Workshops At Max the Mutt
Online Fall Art Workshops At Max the Mutt
Online Fall Art Workshops At Max the Mutt

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