Snapology North York Online Escape Room Party

Looking for a unique virtual Birthday Party experience? If your kids love Escape Rooms and solving riddles and puzzles, indulge them in a fun and educational Snaptastic adventure!

In Snapology of North York's new Virtual Escape Room Experience, participants will be joining a LIVE session where they can solve topic-specific puzzles in an online setting that will lead them on a journey with a final goal that they must complete. Themes include all your kids' favourites and you can choose from the following (in order of difficulty):

  • Escape From School
  • Pokémon
  • A Race to the Treasure
  • Escape From Hogwarts
  • Search for the Golden Ankh
  • Minecraft
  • Fortnite
  • Avengers Assemble!
  • Hackers Take the Hubble
  • Spy Mission

Each game has a series of 6 to 12 puzzles that promote critical thinking through decoding messages, pattern recognition, and mathematical reasoning. Games require and promote teamwork, problem-solving, patience, and grit.

How to book an Escape Room with Snapology North York:

Parents can go online to book a time-slot for their party. Snapology NY will then contact you to discuss the theme/activity. From there, a link will be sent to you for enrollment. You will also need to send the enrollment link to the families you want to invite to your party. Your party includes up to 10 participants. You can add additional participants, up to 20, for an additional fee. At the time of the scheduled party, your group will join the party via Zoom conferencing. The Snapology NY instructor will facilitate the activity with your group of children. The only supplies needed are an optional pen and paper.


Monday to Friday: 11-12PM | 2-3PM | 4-5 PM

Saturday and Sunday: 10-11AM | 2-3PM | 4-5PM

Celebrate your next birthday with an escape room experience. Duration is one hour and activities are ideal for kids ages 7+.

Reserve your time slot on their Events Reservation Page.

Snapology North York Online Escape Room Party
Snapology North York Online Escape Room Party
Snapology North York Online Escape Room Party
Snapology North York Online Escape Room Party

Snapology of North York teaches STEAM skills and Robotics principles using LEGO® building bricks. They provide parents with flexible & educational virtual and in-person programs, birthday parties and camps, with a wide variety of themes: Pokemon®, Minecraft®, Roblox®, Megamachines, Superstructures, Gamebots, Robopets, Combat Robots and many more! Explore a hands-on experience supported by a curriculum that's been proven to engage children through three core components: Academic Enrichment, Social development and FUN! Find out more at

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