Winged Canvas Online School & Summer Art Camp

Winged Canvas is a visual arts school specializing in virtual art programs. Winged Canvas ❤️ Art Nerds and their online community welcomes them from around the world! Instructors are award-winning artists and professional illustrators, designers, and animators, all with a passion for teaching.

Sign up for Virtual Summer Art Camp!

This summer, students can sign up for Summer art camps at Winged Canvas. These programs are meant to delight, inspire, and grow imaginations! Campers meet virtually with their instructor to discuss the creative process, learn new techniques, support each other and share artwork.

Kids are taught art fundamentals the fun and memorable way ― through popular culture, illustration, and self expression. Students often love to draw their own original characters with unique programs like Cartooning & Anime, Digital Art, Drawing Foundations, Acrylic Painting, Watercolour and more!

Summer sessions are limited to 10 students for a better learning experience, and to make it possible for the teacher to give individual guidance and feedback.

Teens wanting to explore art during the school break can also sign up for Summer Intensives. These camps specialize in different mediums and creative disciplines such as figure drawing, character design, comics & manga, digital painting, animation, illustration, landscape painting and portraiture.

Online Classes and Workshops Offered Year-Round!

Winged Canvas' mission is to make art and creativity easily accessible to everyone. The school is best known for its weekly digital art classes, its love for anime, and its quirky art nerd culture. These values are all highlighted by their tagline “We Love Art Nerds” which is behind their signature N.E.R.D teaching method ― Nurture, Explore, Recreate, Design.

Their Art Mentorship program is a signature custom learning model, where students seeking advanced study connect with an artist mentor with industry experience to help guide them towards creative success ― whatever their journey looks like.

Teachers are also available in between classes to answer questions or share insights via Google Classrooms ― allowing for more flexibility and easier access to support learning.

The online school also hosts virtual art parties, corporate events and custom workshops for schools. They design art resources for classrooms, and provide free art tutorials and livestreamed lessons in art foundations via their YouTube Channel, helping teachers and homeschoolers access quality visual arts education from home.

To find out more, visit

Try it for Free! Join a free live class every Friday at 4pm on YouTube, or try a virtual art class for personalized feedback. Winged Canvas offers Trial Art Classes with 2 for 1 pricing for new students. 🤓🎨

You can also view their Business Profile on Toronto4Kids here.

Winged Canvas Online Summer Art Camp
Winged Canvas Online Summer Art Camp
Winged Canvas Online Summer Art Camp
Winged Canvas Online Summer Art Camp
Winged Canvas Online Summer Art Camp

About Winged Canvas

Winged Canvas was founded in 2014. Known as Markham’s Art Hub; the company was a vibrant and bustling brick and mortar art space that turned into a fully online art school during the pandemic. The pivot online was fuelled by the school’s passion for innovation as well as the global need for virtual learning at home and online support for schools. They built their own virtual studio and video conferencing server based in Toronto for programs so data is always private and secure (this was during all the Zoombombing.)

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