Fajita Fiesta Family Kit

Nothing sounds better than having a pre-planned meal delivered straight to your door ― especially when it features a fun theme, an online game and delicious chef-prepared food, that just needs to be reheated. For parents looking for a much needed break, this meal kit makes healthy cooking at home effortless.

Wholesome GO has launched its first family meal kit ― a fun Mexican themed spread that takes family dinner night to an entirely new level.

On offer for a limited time, the Fajita Fiesta Family Meal Kit includes everything you need to create an authentic and delicious Mexican dinner for your family to enjoy. Plus, to add to the 'Fiesta,' each kit comes with a fun online game that you can play together while you feast!

Wholesome GO was created by Wholesome Kids Catering, (a company best known for creating healthy meal options for kids, delivered to schools across the GTA) in response to Ontario's first lockdown and their customers wanting healthy meals at home.

"We know that families are struggling with the pandemic ― cooking fatigue, co-working and learning at home and feeling less connected to others. Meal time has lost its luster," says Vice President, Julia Selby. "Our mission is to bring back the dinner table ― to nourish and connect families, and convenient, healthy meals served with conversation starters are how we are doing that. We're bringing the moments back to meal time."

Here's what the meal kit includes:

  • 12 White Flour Tortillas
  • Seasoned Chicken Breast Strips
  • Spanish Rice
  • Cumin-Lime Black Bean and Corn with Jalapenos
  • Sautéed Onions and Peppers
  • Mango Salsa
  • Avocado Lime Sour Cream
  • Shredded Cheese
  • Fiesta Sauce
  • Virtual Game - Find Canción
  • Photo Prop Activity Card

What’s a Mexican meal without Chips & Salsa and Churros for dessert?

For an additional fee, you can also order the full meal kit which comes with an appetizer and dessert. The appetizer includes White Corn Tortilla Chips with Pico de Gallo ― a classic Mexican tomato dip, as well as 2 whole Avocados, Guacamole Mix and Fiesta Seasoning to help you whip up some delicious Guacamole in no time. Dessert includes 10 yummy Churros, Cinnamon Sugar, and Chocolate Dip.

The full meal kit with appetizer and dessert sells for $98 (this includes a discount of $10 currently being offered) which comes out to $19.60 per person. The meal option without appetizer and dessert, sells for $74 and averages to $14.80 per person.

With the kit comes a Fiesta Props sheet with fun cut-outs. Then, with your family, go on mission to find Canción, the family dog who has run away at a festival, via an online game. A sequence of puzzles needs to be solved, and hints are given along the way, if you need them. Want authentic music to add some ambiance to your game? That’s provided as well through a link. You can also challenge other households to play over WhatsApp, Zoom, Facetime or Skype.

Our staff was invited to try the Meal Kit and here’s what we thought!

We loved that the kit comes in sustainable packaging. Instead of a box, it comes in a reusable thermal shopping bag. Foods are packaged in paper trays and containers ― all fully recyclable, with minimal plastics used.

The kit has everything you need! All the prep work and cooking is done. The oven-ready meal is prepared in minutes; just reheat per instructions. Comes together so easily!

Fresh, high quality ingredients are used. A complete nutrition guide is included with every ingredient listed, including allergens such as dairy or wheat, so you know exactly what you’re feeding your family. The meal is not only delicious and flavourful but healthy and nourishing! As with all their other Wholesome GO meals, the Fajita Fiesta Family Kit is prepared by Red Seal Chefs, is dietitian approved and checked by an allergy specialist.

There’s a lot of food! The portions are generous; the kit easily feeds 5 to 6 people.

The cute photo props added some excitement to the meal ― certainly for the kids, and got everyone into the spirit! Simply cut up all the pieces and tape them to straws or pencils. We used chop sticks. Decorate your table with some of the smaller pieces. The online game and props were perfect for keeping everyone engaged during mealtime, and exploring a little bit of Mexican culture. Plus, you'll get to learn a few Spanish words along the way!

What’s more is that no subscription is required; just order your meals when it's convenient to do so.

The Fajita Fiesta Family Kit is so fun, and will satisfy and entertain your hungry crew. And because Wholesome GO does the hard part, you just do the easy part ― savouring a good meal!

To order the Fajita Fiesta Family Kit, go to wholesomego.ca. But you’ll need to hurry ... it’s only available until the end of March.

And great news ... the company has just announced that kits similar to this one will be available all year long with rotating themes and more experiences via games, activities, and conversation starters. Check their website for Menu updates!

Fajita Fiesta Family Kit
Fajita Fiesta Family Kit
Fajita Fiesta Family Kit
Fajita Fiesta Family Kit

About Wholesome GO

Wholesome GO is a family-owned business that nourishes lives by helping busy parents spend less time in the kitchen and more time with their families. The company is a division of Wholesome Kids Catering, a trusted partner that has grown to serve more than 35,000 delicious and nutrient dense hot meals and fresh snacks each day to over 500 child care centres and schools across the GTA. Wholesome GO delivers to select areas across the Greater Toronto Area from Brantford to Georgina at Lake Simcoe to Whitby.

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