Gameloft Raising Money For NGO Ocean Conservancy With  Disney Magic Kingdoms

Photo: Disney and Disney Pixar

To celebrate World Ocean Day on June 8th, Gameloft has announced a fundraiser in collaboration with Ocean Conservancy

Up until June 18th, a special Finding Dory event, designed in Gameloft's Toronto studio will take place in Disney Magic Kingdoms. Players can buy a new ‘Destiny the Whale Shark’ bundle, and Gameloft will donate $6.73 from each bundle sold to Ocean Conservancy ― to help protect the oceans from today’s greatest global challenges, as well as the wildlife and communities who rely on them. It’s a great way for players to take part in an amazing cause.

"Ocean Conservation is a cause very near and dear to our hearts at Gameloft and Gameloft Toronto” said Rebeca Polo, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Disney Magic Kingdoms. "Bringing together the magic of Disney Magic Kingdoms, Finding Dory, and the wonderful characters of this film in a way that can positively impact oceanic wildlife, including real whale sharks and other species, is a dream for us. Let's protect the ocean together!"

Players who purchase the Finding Dory ‘Destiny the Whale Shark’ bundle will welcome Destiny to the game. This bundle will also include an adorable Dory Wishable Concession Stand that players will be able to add to their Kingdom, and its price will be $9.61 CAD. In addition to this charity bundle, players logging into the game during World Ocean Day (June 8th) will also receive a very special ocean-themed gift ― an exclusive Anemone Hat Concession Stand!

We are so appreciative of Gameloft in bringing the wonder and awe of the ocean to the Disney Magic Kingdoms’ community during World Ocean Month” said Sarah Humphries, Vice President of Resource Development at Ocean Conservancy. “We are especially grateful to the Gameloft team and the millions of users playing for supporting Ocean Conservancy through this special ocean month campaign, which will help us tackle the greatest threats facing our ocean, and the wildlife and communities that depend on it.”

To support the initiative, go to

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