The Toronto Zoo Welcomes Birth of Endangered Grevy's Zebra Foal

Photo courtesy of the Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo has announced that Tori, a ten year old female endangered Grevy's zebra (Equus grevyi), has given birth to a foal on Tuesday, December 1, 2020. The foal weighed in at 52.1 kilograms … and it’s a boy! Both mom and foal are doing well.

This is the fourth foal for mom Tori and the fifth for dad Jake, a thirteen year old male. The foal, born as part of the Grevy's zebra Species Survival Plan (SSP), will help to increase Jake’s underrepresented genetics within the population. 

"We are so pleased to welcome this healthy and energetic foal to your Toronto Zoo and be contributing to the population of this endangered species," says Dolf DeJong, CEO, Toronto Zoo. "With only 3000 individuals remaining in the wild, this is a great example of the critical work done by our world class wildlife care team at the Toronto Zoo to protect this species," he added.

The Grevy’s zebra has been listed as Endangered by the International Union for Conservation and Nature (IUCN) for decades, and the wild population currently numbers only 3000 individuals. Habitat loss, competition with livestock, and poaching are their primary threats. The Toronto Zoo is part of the AZA Grevy’s Zebra Species Survival Plan (SSP) and continues to support field conservation efforts for the species.

Since the Toronto Zoo is currently closed to pedestrian traffic, visitors won't be able to see the baby zebra but the Zoo will be posting updates on their social media pages.

You can also watch a video below...

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