World's First No Sugar Kid's Bar Launches In Canada

Kids love all things sweet but not all sweet things are good for kids! Give them the best of both worlds with the very first no sugar kids bar from No Sugar Company™.

These days, so many snacks you buy at the supermarket are packed with more sugar than you would ever want your kids eating, but now there's a new treat on the market ― and this one contains no sugar!

No Sugar Company™ has launched the world’s first No Sugar Kids Snack Trax™, made with 0g of sugar. It's also peanut-free, tree nut-free, and allergen-free, making it the ideal snack for school. Flavours include: Summer’s Double Fudge Brownie and Ivy’s Yummy Chocolate Chip — named after both of No Sugar Company™ CEO’s young daughters. In comparison to other leading snack bars, the No Sugar Kids Snack Trax offers a healthier option with no sugar, high amounts of protein ― and they are loaded with whole grain oats.

This product really comes from me as a dad, not me as an entrepreneur. I was frustrated with the lack of nutritious kids snacks available for my girls, so I created my own,” says Brad Woodgate, CEO and Founder of No Sugar Company. “In fact, the ingredients in our Snack Trax are so high in quality, we lose money on every box sold! Once it takes off I’m confident we will be able to reduce our cost, but for now, I just want to do my part in giving parents (and my kids) a wholesome snack option they can feel good about."

We tried the bars and here's what we thought!

We were invited to try the new No Sugar Kids Snack Trax bars and found that they pack a ton of flavour! It makes for the perfect little sweet treat ― so delicious and they don't taste at all like there's no sugar. And, at just 80 calories per bar, it's definitely a smarter choice for kids' snacks. The richness of these bars will absolutely satisfy any sweet tooth craving!

We also love that the bars are made with only high-quality ingredients such as premium nut butters, fava bean protein, brown rice protein, organic stevia extract, good-for-you fats (coconut oil and cocoa butter), along with custom-made and fair-trade trade chocolate. There are no fillers or additives.

No Sugar Company's Anti-Bullying Campaign

No Sugar Company™ will also be donating part of the proceeds from all Kids Snack Trax sales to help stop bullying in its 'Trax.' They hope to donate $250,000 each year through its anti-bullying charitable partners. Each No Sugar Kids Snack Trax box also comes with a complimentary 'Be Brave. Be Yourself' bracelet, a movement Woodgate created to remind children to be brave and to be themselves when standing up against bullying.

This year, No Sugar Company™ has partnered with Bullying Canada and Kind Campaign.

Boxes come with 5 bars and retail for $5.99. Shipping is free when you spend $35 or more.

Everyone can enjoy these treats and No Sugar Company™ is giving our Toronto4Kids readers 25% off their next purchase. Use code: Toronto4Kids at checkout!

To find out more and order, go to

World's First No Sugar Kid's Bar Launches In Canada

Ivy’s Yummy Chocolate Chip

World's First No Sugar Kid's Bar Launches In Canada

Summer’s Double Fudge Brownie

About No Sugar Company

No Sugar Company™ was launched in 2019 by entrepreneur and nutrition expert, Brad Woodgate who worked in the nutritional space for 21 years. The No Sugar Company quickly disrupted the global food market – dedicating itself to removing sugar from all its products without compromising on taste. After successfully launching the first no sugar keto bar in North America, the company expanded its footprint in EU, Asia and South America. Valued at over 1 billion dollars, No Sugar Company is one of Canada’s fastest growing companies. Find out more at

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