Looking to get your funnel cake fix over the summer? Why visit the fair when you can head over to Funnel Cake Express, located in Toronto. Everyone's favourite carnival concoction is available 6 days a week at the restaurant, located at 8 Wellesley Street East.

The family friendly location offers many delicious treats including, funnel cakes, deep-fried desserts, ice cream and gelato. Funnel Cake Express offers both 5" Personal Size Funnel Cakes and 9" Festival Size Funnel Cakes. Funnel cakes are served in three signature flavours: Steam Engine, Locomotion and the deluxe fully loaded Bullet which includes unlimited icing sugar, choice of fresh fruit topping and is crowned with soft serve ice cream.

If that's not enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, check out their seasonal events to see what other delicious products they offer. Each month Funnel Cake Express introduces a new feature menu to meet every dessert lover's wish.

Funnel Cake Express also offers kids birthday parties right in the restaurant. However, if you are hosting a special event at a venue or at home, Funnel Cakes has a set up that suits your needs. Funnel Cake experts would love to cook for you and let you get creative with a multitude of topping options to choose from! The company travels across Ontario attending birthday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, backyard parties and more. Their catering service offers a variety of mix n' match deep fried items and two sizes of funnel cakes – a 5" personal size and a 9" festival size.

Enjoy the best funnel cakes in Ontario! Serving thousands each year, Funnel Cake Express has grown to become a household name.

Find out more at You can also call 416-737-4853 for event bookings.


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