RAPiZZA Fast & Fusion Pizzas

RAPiZZA's famous Butter Chicken Pizza

RAPiZZA, recently announced that they have successfully launched 7 new restaurant locations in Ontario.

The exciting fusion pizza chain that derives its name from 'RAPID' + PiZZA,' fuses together flavours from different cultures of the world and creates pizzas, wings and sandwiches!

These flavour combinations will surprise both you and your buds. Pepperoni? Sure, they can do that. But they would much prefer to whip up multicultural favourites into sensational slices of comfort. Say hello to the Malai Tikka, the Palak Paneer and the Butter Chicken pizza. 

RAPiZZA's concept includes fusion pizzas with combined flavours from India, Korea, Japan, the Middle East, and Mexico, all put together with the art of Italian pizza baking.

"We had an idea to bring back a level of happiness through food, where we can instantly take people back to a simplistic moment of joy that starts with their taste buds," said CEO Vernon D'Mello. "For many people, one taste can remind them of their childhood and fond memories from a happy place in their memories. It's that kind of reminiscence that we love to inspire here. Our offerings spread smiles through the magic of taste and flavours of the world. At RAPiZZA we strive for perfection and keep improving and adding on new concepts of fusion from all over the world. We want our customers to experience the taste of sophisticated international cuisines in the comfort of a pizza."

In addition to carrying pizzas, RAPiZZA also offers salads, and sandwiches, and boast about having the best Philly steak sandwich in the Greater Toronto Area.

The seven RAPiZZA are located in Ontario with two in Mississauga, two in Brampton, and one in Waterloo, Vaughan and Burlington. The chain launched in back in December of 2020.

To learn more, visit www.rapizza.ca.

RAPiZZA Fast & Fusion Pizzas

Treat the foodie within with a divine blend of eastern spices with fusion pizzas!

RAPiZZA Fast & Fusion Pizzas

You can also get traditional: Rapizza's Meat Lovers Pizza.

RAPiZZA Fast & Fusion Pizzas

The Navratan Pizza: where Italian and Indian taste buds converge into a single masterpiece.

Photos: RAPiZZA

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