Michelle Obama's 'Becoming' Is Being Released For A Younger Audience

Michelle Obama’s inspirational book Becoming will soon be released in a young readers' edition! Originally published in 2018, the former First Lady’s memoir became a #1 international bestseller, with sales exceeding fifteen million copies worldwide ― more than nine million of those in the U.S. and Canada.

This beautifully written book, filled with life lessons has been adapted by Obama herself, for a younger audience. The new edition is geared towards readers ages 10 and up and includes a new introduction from Obama ― as well as three full-color photographic inserts. In this edition, the author shares her joys and triumphs as well as the bumps, bruises, and challenges she has encountered on her life’s journey, emphasizing that no one is perfect and that the ever-evolving process of becoming and finding oneself is what matters.

In her new introduction, Obama notes, “Growing up on the South Side of Chicago in the 1960s and ’70s, my parents, Fraser and Marian Robinson, always kept it straight with me and my brother, Craig. They never sugarcoated hard truths or presented their reality as anything other than what it was—because they knew we could handle it. I want to give you all that same respect.”

To further connect with readers in her introduction, Obama adds, “I hope that as you’re reading my story, you’ll also think about your own—because it’s the most beautiful gift you’ll ever have.

In the new adapted version, Michelle Obama inspires to motivate all girls and boys to make bold choices no matter how tough it might seem.

Becoming - Adapted For Younger Readers will be available on March 2, 2021. The book will retail for $24.99.

Update: The book is now available at Chapters-Indigo.

Michelle Obama's 'Becoming' Is Being Released For A Younger Audience

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