These unicorn-themed gift ideas are perfect for the unicorn-obsessed kid on your list. They will have you believing in unicorns and dreaming about rainbows and glitter!


Dreamy Unicorn Bath Cape

With its angelic look and mythical horn, this hooded whimsical animal will make every bath a magical adventure! $24.00 at Simons.ca.


Peppa Pig: Peppa's Magical Unicorn

When Suzy comes over to Peppa''s house to play, they have a lot of fun with Peppa''s new toy horse, Horsey Twinkle Toes. Peppa and Suzy dream up a sparkly unicorn in this amazing 8x8 with a glitter cover! $6.99 at Chapters-Indigo.


Magical Unicorn Projector Lamp

An adorable pastel-coloured magical unicorn happily frolics against a candy pink or blue background, creating a comforting starry glow in your kids' room. $26.00 at Simons.ca.


Unicorn Rocker

A magical playroom companion straight from the enchanted forest. Hop on the back of this soft and squishy Unicorn and hang on! $59.99 at Chapters-Indigo.


Polly Pocket Unicorn Party Playset

RSVP to the best "surprise" party ever with the Polly Pocket Unicorn Party playset! Shaped like an adorable unicorn pinata, this larger-sized compact has sparkly wings that extend and a handle for portable play! $29.97 at Walmart.ca.


VTech Robotic Unicorn - Myla

Make play time enchanted with Myla the Magical Unicorn. This colourful, sparkling robotic unicorn comes with a wand to charge her look just by pointing it at her eyes, wings, and horn. $69.99 at Best Buy.


Glow in the Dark Unicorn Puzzle

Visit a magical place with Mudpuppy's Unicorns Glow-In-the-Dark Puzzle. After you put together 100 pieces of unicorn fun, turn out the lights to see the puzzle glow! $14.95 at Chapters-Indigo.

Dancing Poopsie Unicorn

Poopsie Dancing Unicorn

The Poopsie Dancing Unicorn, Rainbow Brightstar, now sings and dances to her signature song. Dance along and be silly with her! $64.97 at Amazon.ca.


Ultimate Unicorn Baking Party

Sprinkle a little magic into your kitchen every time you bake with the Rainbows Unicorn baking collection.It's always time for a Unicorn baking party! Sparkling cookies and cupcakes will delight everyone, including unicorns. $29.99 at Chapters-Indigo.


Toddler Reversible Sherpa Fleece Unicorn Hat

Keep your little ones toasty and warm all winter long with this adorable reversible sherpa hat. Let them be a unicorn one day, a narwhal the next! $22.99 at Toys R Us.


TY Beanie Boos PIXY

From the creator of the world famous Beanie Babies®; Beanie Boos® are fun, colourful, playful and fanciful. $14.95 at Chapters-Indigo.

All pricing was accurate at time of publication. Please check website for final pricing.

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