Newest Pokémon Collectibles

Make the holidays a little extra special this year and give a gift of the newest Pokémon collectibles by Jazwares. Not only do these collectables bring joy and nostalgia, but they are the perfect plushies to add a little surprise to someone’s stocking this year.

Since its launch in Japan in 1996, Pokémon has cemented itself as one of the most popular children’s entertainment properties and these collectables are sure to be the best gifts under the tree this year.

These products are suitable for children ages 4 and up and can be found at major toy retailers.

25th Celebration Pokemon Plush

25th Celebration Pokémon Plush -  $14.99 CAD

Each toy is eight inches tall and made with soft silver-colored materials, with the only thing defining each Pokémon is the shape and the stitching. They're the softest, cuddliest, and cutest Pokémon plush you could ask and are perfect for snuggling or just hanging out with. Add one or all of the Pokémon Plush to your team for fun adventures anywhere!

Pokemon Battle 4.5” Figure Grimmsnarl

Pokemon Battle 4.5” Figure Grimmsnarl

Get ready to adventure with this Dark and Fairy-type Pokémon and watch it come to life with its Hair Swing Battle Feature. The 4.5” figure features authentic details and, just like it’s known on the hit Pokémon hit show, Grimmsnarl is perfect for using its muscle-like hairs to wrap around enemies!

Pokemon Battle 4.5” Figure Cinderace

Pokemon Battle 4.5” Figure Cinderace

In the hit Pokémon Animated Series, Cinderace is known as the Striker Pokémon! Cinderace is perfect for battle because its kicks can strike opponents hard and leave them scorched and this life-like Cinderance figure features mechanisms that allow Cinderance to make a real fire kick too!

Other 4.5” Figures available!

Pokémon Surprise Attack Game: Pikachu #2 w/ Repeat Ball vs. Bulbasaur #3 w/ Poké Ball

Pokémon Surprise Attack Game: Pikachu #2 w/ Repeat Ball vs. Bulbasaur #3 w/ Poké Ball (Available this November)

This Pokémon Surprise Attack Game pack comes with everything you need to start battling and put your skills as a Pokémon trainer to the test! The Pokémon Surprise Attack Game is easy to pick up and play! Just choose the Pokémon you want to battle with, choose an attack disk, load both into the Surprise Attack Poké Ball, and SLAM down on the button to spin the Poké Ball and reveal your Pokémon and its attack!

This Jazwares line of Pokémon collectables is a must-have gift for kids and parents this year to celebrate a phenomenal 25 years of Pokémon.

Find them at Toys 'R' Us.

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