Netflix For Kids January 2022

Angry Birds: Summer Madness streams starting January 28.

It’s a brand new year on Netflix and it's starting off with plenty of new and exciting titles for kids and families. 

Here's what's coming to Netflix for kids and families in January 2022 ...

Available January 1

Alpha and Omega

(2010) – English – Animated – When park rangers capture alpha wolf pup Kate and omega wolf pup Humphrey, the two end up in a strange land and must find their way back home. More

Back to the Future

(1985) – English – Sci-Fi – Accidentally sent back to the year 1955, Marty McFly enlists the help of his friend Doc Brown to send him back to the future. More

LEGO Ninjago (Season 4)

English – Animated – While fighting foes across Ninjago City and beyond, the ninjas embark on new quests and gain newfound allies as the power of their friendship is tested. More

The Little Vampire

(2017) – English – Animation – An American kid obsessed with the undead befriends and offers to help a young vampire whose family is being targeted by a merciless vampire hunter. More


(2005) – English – Animation – When the ship they’re on capsizes, a lion, zebra, giraffe and hippo from a zoo become stranded on Madagascar, an island populated by oddballs. More

Masha’s Tales

(Season 1) – English – Children’s Animation – Fairy tales get a funny twist when Masha retells them, because she tends to get the details just a little jumbled up in this animated kids' series. More

Norm of the North

Norm of the North

(2015) – English – Animated – When he is forced to move away from his Arctic home, Norm, a polar bear, becomes the mascot for a New York cooperation. More

Rainbow Rangers

(Season 2) – English – Children’s Animation – When Earth’s animals and natural wonders need a rescue, the Rainbow Rangers combine their colorful powers to protect the planet and save the day! More

Available January 4

Action Pack Season 1

Action Pack

(Season 1) New – English – Children’s Animation – A group of superpowered children uses their powers to teach good lessons to others, even the villains. More

Available January 7

Johnny Test

Johnny Test

(Season 2) New – English – Animation – The adventures of the suburban Johnny Test continue. More

Available January 14

Riverdance: The Animated Adventure

Riverdance: The Animated Adventure

(2021) New – English – Animated – The adventure of an Irish boy and a Spanish girl who explore the world of the Megaloceros Giganteus. More

Available January 18

Mighty Express: Train Trouble

Mighty Express: Train Trouble

(2021) New – English – Children’s Animation. A sneaky duo has tricked the trains and taken over Mission Station! Can Flicker flex his skills on the tracks to rescue his friends and save the day? More

Available January 25

Ada Twist, Scientist

Ada Twist, Scientist

(Season 2) New – English – Animation – Ada Twist, a young scientist who will explore helping people through scientific discovery, collaboration, and friendship. More

Available January 28

Angry Birds: Summer Madness

Angry Birds: Summer Madness

(2021) New – English – Animation – Animated series based on the beloved mobile game. More

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