Great Whales ROM

Sleeping Sperm Whales © Stéphane Granzotto

In this stunning new ROM-original exhibition, audiences explore the fascinating and mysterious world of Earth’s largest animals, with three real whale skeletons, fascinating science and large-scale audio and video experiences.

Great Whales: Up Close and Personal immediately immerses visitors into the lives of these massive and enigmatic creatures. You'll explore their evolution, behaviour, ecological roles, threats, and their complex relationship with humans. Connect with the extraordinary stories behind the lives of these species through large-scale immersive video projections, a rumbling sound chamber, and a gigantic life-size walk-through whale jaw.

You will learn all about three species of great whales that swim off the East Coast of Canada ― the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale, the sperm whale, and the largest animal ever to have existed on Earth, the blue whale.

Summon a Whale into your Phone via Snapchat

The ROM is also inviting Torontonians to experience the thrill of swimming with the largest animals that have ever lived using a new augmented reality (AR) activation on Snapchat. Launching on July 26, this ROM first offers Snapchatters three distinct experiences to summon great whales out of the ocean and into their phones.

The Museum is thrilled to welcome the public back through our doors with this stunning original exhibition,” says Josh Basseches, ROM Director & CEO. “Great Whales: Up Close and Personal promises to not only enthrall visitors with the awesome size and scale of these animals, but help people better understand their lives and the threats they face. We hope that together we can help shape a better future for these three species.”

A ROM original, Great Whales is being presented in the ROM’s largest exhibition space, Garfield Weston Exhibition Hall. Catch it now until March 20, 2022.

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