Planet Ice: Mysteries of the Ice Ages at Ontario Science Centre

Photo: Ontario Science Centre

A new exhibition developed by the Canadian Museum of Nature, Planet Ice: Mysteries of the Ice Ages, is on display at the Ontario Science Centre. Go on a fascinating journey across 80,000 years of Earth’s history. 

Ice and cold have long shaped our planet ― and the life and landscapes on it. Explore this exciting exhibition thanks to over 100 real specimens, models and artifacts, including animal fossils, ancient human tools and more.

Journey from deep time to modern day in five themed zones, starting over 80,000 years ago where you'll learn about the power of ice ― from how it was formed to how it affected early life on Earth. Then, encounter amazing adaptive creatures who are still alive today (like muskoxen, caribou and wolves), and extinct species such as woolly mammoths and Neanderthals.

Visitors will enjoy two 'magical moments' that produce the illusion of a woolly mammoth or American lion emerging from a snow-filled landscape. This blend of animation and technology is a collaboration between the museum and Montreal’s award-winning multimedia studio, Moment Factory, creators of Terra Lumina, currently showing at The Toronto Zoo.

Next, you'll head over to the Lost Lands for a trip to Beringia, the land bridge that once joined Asia and North America. From there, take a 20,000-year jump to witness the rise of the mastodon and the giant beaver, among other magnificent animals.

The final section of Planet Ice takes us to today, where visitors are encouraged to reflect on what we can do to protect our natural world. We may soon be living on a planet with no polar ice sheets and no glaciers. How will climate change affect species, infrastructure and ecosystems?

This dramatic story of ice and adaptation is told through thought-provoking and engaging exhibits and multimedia. Explore some of these mysteries and reflect upon how humans are not only part of the problem, but also part of the solution.

Don’t miss this incredible exhibition! Planet Ice: Mysteries of the Ice Ages is at the Ontario Science Centre until March, 2022.

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Planet Ice: Mysteries of the Ice Ages at Ontario Science Centre

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